My 4 MUST DO Things in Santa Teresa COSTA RICA – Vlog 185

My 4 MUST DO Things in Santa Teresa COSTA RICA – Vlog 185

These are my 4 must do things in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. Santa Teresa is a sleepy little beach town, but there are at least 4 things that you HAVE to do if you visit. You have to go surfing, eat tacos, rent an ATV, and watch the sunset. Trust me, you need to do these 4 things.

For those looking for the beaches: Look up “Montezuma Waterfall” All the beaches were about 30-45 from Santa Teresa and on the way to the waterfall location. Enjoy!

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  1. Do you need to be able to speak Spanish to visit Santa Teresa? I booked a trip for August, but need to brush up on my Spanish abilities.

  2. Obviously Santa Teresa is amazing, but how did you choose?! There are SO many beaches in Costa Rica, I’ve looked before and was overwhelmed with choices.

  3. Santa Teresa Heaven 😀 if you are visiting, you have to visit Kapara restaurant!! super delicious, healthy food! and amazing service! super recommended 👌

  4. Well!, dudeee!, i see!, you know the paradaise now!, perfect, i tell you something!, our country!, your country!, visit Costa Rica and enyoy the most perfect place in central america, your selection!, the best, Santa Teresa my favorite beach in our country, my favorite place!, dude!, nice vídeos!, i like!, PURA VIDAAA! 😎🎩😉👋

  5. Very cool….heading down to South America with Remote Year in March…might have to take a side trip up to Costa Rica. Definitely want to hit that break!

  6. Going there in a one week…how much were the ATV’s? Also, are all the ATV rental places the same or is there one that is better/economical?

  7. If you have the opportunity, go to Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo, they are gorgeous! For pictures or just to relax 😊 They are a little bit far from where you are but believe me, is worth it 😍

  8. Great video. I am heading to Costa Rica in April/May of 2020. This helps. I am going down to ride motorcycles with some buddies.

  9. Fun fact , Spanish people from Spain, don’t eat tacos. What I mean is that Tacos originated in Mexico not Spain. So Yeah, Marco couldn’t really tell those ladies how to make tacos. Locals probably know better … hate to see foreigners giving so much credit to themselves and other expats for all our culture, food , music and etc … You love so much saying local. please just enjoy and support actual local business. Own by locals. Thank you and enjoy yourself in our beautiful land.

  10. Just came back from Tambour and we took in Santa Teresa and Montezuma… Amazing area! Love swimming in the surf…. Next time I will try surfing!! Beautiful Bar to have drinks and watch the sunset in Santa Teresa….and for lunch the best burger place EVER; https://www.facebook.com/BurgerRancho/ !! Beautiful people and country!
    Thanks for sharing! Brings back such good memories!

  11. you guys are goals!! That’s what I’m talking about to go after this stupid covid 19 Quarantine. thanks i will be there soon.

  12. Hey! Great video and channel!! We are visiting Costa Rica in the next few months and wondered how you got from the airport to Santa Teresa?

  13. I’ve watched a few vLogs throughout my life, but not many charged me up with such good vibes as this one! 
    What’s your secret to be able to be everywhere and nowhere on this blue/green planet?

  14. The video was awesome you definitely deserve more subs!!! Quick question, I wanted to stay at Selina South too, how much was it to rent a board in the morning to go surf yourself ? Was that possible ?

  15. Nice vid! CR is def a pretty cool place. Kind of expensive compared to other places in Central America, but def a place to take somebody, since the only thing to really worry about is the thieves! Word of advice, the leash goes on your back foot.

  16. Lucky enough to have been in costa rica 10 days in playa tambor and did everything from riding 4 wheelers all day to fishing got to go to different beaches and to an island where we had a blast spear fishing best trip of my life .Oh and i smoked some fire bud in playa carmen 😝

  17. Gracias por el Videos, I suppose that you speak some Espagnol.. If may know where are ya from? Gracias por visitar nuestro pais… Aufwiedersehen..

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