My Costa Rica Dental Tourism Trip, Emax Veneers – Crowns How Much Did It All Cost, Dr. Alberto Coto

My Costa Rica Dental Tourism Trip, Emax Veneers – Crowns How Much Did It All Cost, Dr. Alberto Coto

All about my Dental Tourism trip to Costa Rica with Dr. Alberto Coto

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!. I just go off the phone with my Dentist and was told its going to cost me $1575 to have one tooth extracted and a bone graft, that’s after what my 2 dental insurance cover. I’ve been in constant pain with two of my back molars that have crowns on them due to a large filling I had over 15 years ago, they are not even the ones thats being extracted! I have problems with my teeth. On the surface, they look okay but, I have multiple bridges, crowns and fillings that are starting to give me problems. I figure to get my teeth healthy, it’s gonna cost me at least $20,000+. I am in the process of doing my research to get the needed work done over sees. Thank you again for sharing your story!

  2. Thank you very much man. I have been looking into going to Costa Rica because I have extensive dental work that needs to get done and here or be $25,000 my lady came across your video and I just watched it. I can’t possibly thank you enough

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  4. I heard about Turkey and thought it was too far and dangerous and then looked to New York for quality but it’s way more expensive than Mass and know I will never afford it. I need 1 implant and a crown on the bottom and veneers sounds good. If you can eat and they look amazing for a fraction of the price I’m sold in Costa Rica

  5. Is Dr. Alberto Coto still doing dental work? the link is no longer working and I cant seem to find a way to get in contract with him.

  6. Thanks to you I am here at the bed and breakfast. Got my Temps in and get my permanent on Friday! Your authenticity is appreciated. Everything you said about this trip is 100 percent true and then some. My experience thus far has been so wonderful. The staff at the BandB the doctors etc. All wonderful. Thank you again Curtis. Thanks for spending time out of your day emailing and chatting on the phone.

  7. Awesome! My husband had a full mouth restoration done by Dr. Luis Kaver in San Jose CR 4 years ago… 28 Bruxzir crowns, gum contouring and like 6 root canals…everything tunred out great and his teeth look and feel amazing. The whole thing cost about $18k (dr kaver is not the cheapest in CR but arguably the best)… We now travel to CR every year for dental, after bad dental experiences in the US we trust no one but our beloved Tico dentist. We were just there in December, hubby got his routine cleaning and check up and I needed a root canal and a couple of fillings. The savings alone paid for a 10 days vacation on the beach in Manuel Antonio. Its such a great way to go! Costa Rica dental is the BEST. P.S Driving there is crazy, lol??? you are a lightweight!!! We drive in downtown San Jose in rush hour no prob… but then again, we are from LA so not much different here!

  8. Just found your channel after searching dental tourism and god man this sounds like an absolute dream. 8 top, 8 bottom sounds ideal for that amazing price and experience. I really hope I can pull that off exactly as you did!! Maybe next year 🙏

  9. I am definitely doing this I was actually going to go to the Ukraine or turkey and someone let me know not to do that but they are okay with Costa Rica

  10. Congrats! I had braces twice as a teen. Had nice teeth for a while, then I didn’t take care of them and they started falling out. Never smoked, chewed or did drugs. Just bad genetics I guess. Good times!

  11. Because of this video I went months ago (April) to start implants on my bottom molars! Finished the procedure in July. The entire experience was GREAT! And the Doctor is the BEST! Also I made sure to mention YOU.

  12. Thanks bro! Although I don’t need hair (thank you genetics) I was NOT blessed with good teeth. I’m e-mailing your doc in CR right now!

  13. Heading down Thursday to enjoy the country before meeting Dr.Coto on Monday. Thank you for this video. I’ve watched it several times in preparation and have my hidden Fanny pack ready to go.

  14. When I finally found a dentist willing to undertake dental surgery – given the medicine I need to take to stay alive makes most dentists back away, colour draining from their face – I was quoted AU$70k, maybe more.

    I’m still waiting on my Dental Hospital’s evaluation of my situation as to whether I can have the required procedures. Unfortunately, Costa Rica is out of the question for me ’cause I can’t ever step into into a pressurised cabin without risking aneurysm. I’m so glad you’ve remedied your dental situation, it’s a drag when teeth hurt and there’s pain.

    I did have emergency extractions about five years ago and I went the gas route, it’s way easier to deal with the whole dental situation when you’re out of it … great to hear your positive experience and I’m sure if there are folk who are in need of extensive work, can travel and want quality care at an affordable price you’ve provided a seriously achievable option.

    I know how thorough you are in your research and how smart you are so not only a hair guru but a sage when it comes to cost effective, quality dental care, too. Enjoy your new smile, looks great mate – good vibes from Melbourne, Australia 🤟

  15. Great video.. The transparency is much appreciated..great spirit….so many are elusive with info that u spoke on best to video on YouTube regarding a different options..my opinion..I’ve watched a lot..can tell u have a genuine ❤️ and spirit….🙏🏽

  16. this is the best and most informed video on this topic. thank you for taking your time to give this information to the rest of us. …really, thank you.

  17. Flight is booked for this weekend and while missing Thanksgiving with my family hoping to surprise them when I get back. Will update my post with details when I get back. Thanks for posting your experience!! 🙂
    American Airlines is terrible right now but they gave me a free night in a hotel in Miami so that was fun but put me a day behind. Arrived in Costa Rice and immigration was a little challenging so make sure to have your paperwork ready and if not sure maybe talk to people in line with you. Was picked up by driver and after an hour drive arrived at dentist for consultation and quote. Needed xrays so driver took me to that and then to guest house. Nice house and another guest was getting some work done too and it was their 2nd time back so got the scoop and felt more comfortable. Had a homemade meal, watch monday night football and then bed time for early morning appointment at 8. Picked up by driver again, it is so convenient and i really appreciated it. In Dr office for 2 hours and done for the day! Seems so much easier than in the US… I don’t know what we’re doing but its definitely not efficient anymore and definitely not worth it. So far for a root canal and 1 implant and i still have money left over to make a vacation out of this compared to what it would cost at home, sigh. Anyway, back to Dr on Friday for crowns and fillings so will update again then.

  18. Hey Curtis I’m 20 y/o, I grew up very poor and been financially on my own since about 14-15 (working under the table to pay for food etc.) I haven’t been to the dentist for 12 years if I remember correctly, and it shows.. I’ve planned on going to CR alone for a while and hearing your experience helps give me confidence that I can get this done. The embarrassment of having anyone (especially a girl) saying "wait, smile for me" absolutely destroys me and has put me in a shell for while to the point where I’m not even living a life. I’m a very ambitious person and I believe I can help a lot of people in this life and do a ton of good. I’m so thankful that you put this message/story out there for a young kid like me to actually begin a life. Thank you so much man I’m tearing up bc you have gave me hope and structure on this lonely journey. Thank you sir.

  19. Omg 😭😭😭😭 my heart ❤️ so happy for you!!! I’m a cosmetologist no insurance and I’ve been needing this sign!!! Everyone keeps telling me crazy things about going out of the country!!! Thank you so much for making this video I love your hair videos as well!!!

  20. if this video was only about teeth i wouldnt have the slightest thought u were wearing a system it looks amazing i have to get one,even if i can wear it for a week i just want to see whats it feels like to go out to dinner with my wife and not wear a cap .

  21. Hey Curtis the teeth look awesome don’t let anybody dull the shine you have planned for yourself I have watched most of your videos and I can tell you are a good person so their is nothing wrong with trying to be the best version of yourself my friend!

  22. How did he put a vaneer on the missing tooth? You look great by the way! I’m so happy for you. I know exactly how you feel. I cannot wait to do this!

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