My Costa Rica Trip! -Amazing Things To Do In Costa Rica!

My Costa Rica Trip! -Amazing Things To Do In Costa Rica!

https://www.tucanestours.com/jaco-tours/ (Guide Andres)
(Im not an affiliate or anything, i dont get paid, just the company i used to go to the forest)
Alligators Tours
Visited The Humid Rainforest
Stayed In San Jose – Jaco And San Manuel Antonio

These are some of the things i did while i stayed in Costa Rica, Puda Vida!


  1. How do you dare to touch in such an wild animal as a crocodile?!? If if was in it’s normal wild life, that would be impossible! It’s really a shame that people do that for tourism or likes in the internet.

  2. Not sure why you would make your way to a biodiversity hotspot in order to then taunt and grab at the animals there, regardless of whether you call them by the wrong name or not…

  3. "Une personne donne librement, mais gagne encore plus; un autre retient indûment, mais vient à la pauvreté. Proverbes 11-24

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  4. Awesome video but you weren’t 15,000 ft you were 1,500 and those are crocs in the tarcoles River not alligators. Never the less, great video bro. Looks like you were on the beaches of Guanacaste. You gotta come back, check out the southern pacific and the Caribbean. That’ll make for some really good drone footage. pura vida

  5. Would it be safe to buy a second house in Costa Rica? are Americans safe in CR? Those who are familiar with CR, please advise

  6. Darrel – The only wrong thing on the video is you drinking that piece of …. beer instead of the real costarrican beer PILSEN. Next time bro, cheers!

  7. Im watching and following your wordpress tutorial and then i go and see out of curiosity what other tutorials you have, and then i see you have a video about my country … that’s awesome .. glad you liked Costa Rica.. please next time you go.. go to the Caribbean side .. is still more spectacular than the pacific .. go to Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva, Manzanillo .. and on the pacific side .. go to Montezuma and Santa Teresa.. Pura Vida … where you went is cool … but where i’m telling you is still cooler 😀

  8. Loved this video.
    Was actually criticising myself on mixing up my channel with travel vibes. Then I fell onto this video. Loved it and obviously gave me direction to head.
    Side note: i love you tuts too

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