My Dad's New Travel Trailer // Virtual Look at Heritage Glen 19RBHL

My Dad's New Travel Trailer // Virtual Look at Heritage Glen 19RBHL

I didn’t expect them to pull the trigger this fast after buying their new Ford Ranger, but my folks got back to Jersey and bought a travel trailer a week later.

Since I’m not there, we’re doing a quick virtual tour this time of their new Wildwood Heritage Glen Hyper Lyte 19RBHL. We plan on meeting up during the summer, so I’ll be doing an in-person tour then.

Thanks for watching!


  1. My one concern with this TT is no Azdel composite; I have seen delamination even on quality trailers like Winnebago. Where Grand Design although doesn’t use Azdel but their process is one of the best in the industry for lamination. Where Heritage is simply Forest River. The 60X74 RV Queen can be changed to a residential 60X80 only 6inches hanging off the end. Love the 12V Fridge it’s a must. I currently have a 12V would never want to go back to a dual fridge. Love the hard nose front cap and good slope for aerodynamics. I tow distance and wind drag is huge at the Gas pump! Truly love the layout of this TT

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