My Weekend Trip to Jaco, Costa Rica

My Weekend Trip to Jaco, Costa Rica

Over the last weekend I took a trip up to Jaco, an area I have never spent much time in. Jaco has many amenities and convinces that one would need living in Costa Rica. The town is known for its vibrant nightlife and a bit of a party culture should one choose to partake.

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Pura Vida!


  1. I found that place two years ago, stayed there last year for a few days. The location is perfect as it is at th very end of the beach. The only negative thing I can say is the close proximity to the roadway where the trucks come through, downshifting and creating a lot of noise. I love Jaco and can’t wait to go back!!

  2. Sarah ive noticed you have been asked where is it cheap or expensive the dividing line is Manuel Antonio south of there is cheaper to live and do things north of there it is much more expensive the reason im saying this it because ive been going to Costa Rica for about 20 yrs now and in love the Costa Ballena also i think you need to get with other agencies and lobby the tourism office to let The U S visitors in and not keep us out we do not to there to mooch off the country we rent housing buy property food gas etc and keep people in jobs and keep the economy going so please help us out to get us included in the international tourists that can come in to the country.

  3. also i think if you did a trip to Atenas and Alajuela, i know easy for me to say, right? but that may garner many ex-pat views and climate change is here to stay #mntsftw

  4. Thank you for sharing! cool video and I would like to visit Costa Rica one day. Jaco is one of the towns I’m interested in

  5. Hahaha! Remember some young turks who just had invested in a house on the beach in Tamarindo and the mud and water just flushed into it from higher ground.

  6. Want Crystal WATER n beach like the thumbnail, You’ll need to go to grand cayman, Turks and Caicos, Belize, or the Abaco’s or Cozumel Mexico, for this side of the world that is

  7. On the surface it’s very beautiful if you’ve never been anywhere else in C.R. Beneath the surface, its an overpriced tourist trap with gambling prostitution and KFC. It’s as far from a Costa Rican experience as any place I’ve been.

  8. It’s sad to hear your comments on Jaco enjoying it’s nightlife but that bringing "a certain element." Because Jaco has it’s vibrant nightlife, people have unfairly and wrongly catagorized it as an unsafe place. You won’t find locals agreeing with you. I lived there for years and the worst of it was petty crime. Someone would leave their iPad on the front seat of their car overnight, then wake up to a broken window and a missing iPad. Shocker! lol. Anyways, just adding my $0.02. Jaco is a great place and very safe.

  9. The thumbnail for your video is the biggest lie, TRUTH IS THAT THERE IS NO REAL WHITE SAND IN C.R. OR HARDLY ANY CLEAR WATER

  10. IMO, Jaco is a little too "dirty" for my taste but it’ll do in a pinch. The beaches are far nicer in your neck of the woods.

  11. You will do very well ! Showing the real deal is the future of all things! Thumbs up, best wishes to you and your sweet child. A mom from Québec, Canada.

  12. i just realized that is you riding the horse on the beach in the opening, i always thought that was like some canned shot and wondered who that warrior princess was, now i know, lol #jaco

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