New Modular Building Construction?

New Modular Building Construction?

SPONSORED: Intellectual Ventures and CollinsWoerman partner on a new modular building technique that has: 50% reduction in time to design and build, construction cost 20% lower in comparable buildings, reduce operating and maintenance costs by 20%, eliminates 75% of field construction labor, reduce energy and water by 50%.


  1. I like the statement, "we are shipping parts, not space." Well said statement about modular construction.

  2. Cool. But this felt like a trailer to a bigger story… I wanna see HOW the stuff goes together 🙂

  3. Their should build something instead of just being scary that someone copy them. Company like Toyota aren’t scare of copy, they know that they will always be ahead, always improving.

  4. intellecutatl property fuck off fuckhead king nwo free houses no dodshes suing becaue u too do what cobusiere said long ago and buckminster fuller edision etc fuck off intellecual propety burn all lwyers for treason king nwo free hosues

  5. "All we want is to provide affordable housing to people worldwide, so don’t even _think_ of doing the same or we’ll sue you into oblivion"

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