One Week in Costa Rica | Best Things to do!

One Week in Costa Rica | Best Things to do!

Join us as we travel around Costa Rica for one week! Traveling with a toddler is always an adventure 😜

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Hi, we’re the Schoeller’s! Welcome to our channel! We grew our family by adopting through the foster care system. Tyanna is the light of our lives. She is 3 years old! Rhianna is a certified registered nurse anesthetist aka a crna. Jon is a real estate investor. We have been working our way towards financial freedom over the years because family time is our priority. We love to travel the world as a family whether it’s by plane, boat, camper van or train! We are also vegan and share lots of plant based food ideas. Thanks for joining us on this crazy, beautiful ride of life!

Our Costa Rica Itinerary:

00:00 Welcome to Costa Rica!
00:49 Crocodile Bridge aka Tarcoles Bridge
01:51 Jaco Beach
4:15 Morning fun
5:26 Encanto Waterfall
8:10 The Monkey House
10:00 House Tour
11:16 Manuel Antonio National Park
20:28 Royal Butterflies Garden – Butterfly sanctuary
22:45 Rescate Wildlife rescue Center
26:10 Our last day
27:44 Deleted scenes

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  1. That little girl living her best life. It’s nice when you can provide such a beautiful lifestyle for your children. She’s blessed to have you as you are blessed to have her. You guys motivate me to be a better parent and to create a better life for my children.

  2. This was beautiful. I loved the scenery I loved seeing the baby swim 🏊‍♀️ with daddy ❤️❤️Much love 💕 always. New subscriber by the way .

  3. A lot of people warned us that our travels may slow down or even stop while she’s a baby/toddler. While it does present it’s challenges, we have found ourselves traveling even more because watching her excitement when she sees/does new things makes these destinations and the memories even more special. I can’t wait for our next trip!

  4. You were destined to have a girl.. John is a perfect example for what a little girl needs in her life . Dad is providing so much support and love to his”baby girl.” I love to hear John say baby!

  5. I saw one of your vedios accidentally. Just watched it and now I am addicted to watch your vedios 😍😍😍😍😍Seeing that love within your family makes me soo happy. You both are really good parents Tianna baby is more lucky to have you two. And the love between you two as a couple 💑 it is soo amazing 😍😍You are now one of my favourite couples. I wish you (Rhianna, Jon and little cutiee Tianna) all the very best for your future and please bring us more and more vedios everyday. I love you all so much. ❤❤❤❤Sending love from Sri Lanka 🧸❤

  6. You guys are the best God will bless you and John you love your daughter so much it is so sweet and I just adore you both i enjoy your video so much keep them coming. God bless

  7. Зар има нешто светије од ове жене и овог човека они су мама и тата ,боже подари им здравља и дуг живот да уживају у свом детету!

  8. Happinest that Money Cant Buy it. HAPPY to always watching your three flogs. Amazing. God bless you all. Amen, Best Regard from west papua. 🤗💙🙏👍🏾👍🏾

  9. 16:12 Tyanna saying good night melted my heart! That child is so sweet, joyful, adventurous! I wish I could give her a hug and strike a good conversation with this cool baby. Awww 18:09 "look at the sloth". I loved this video and all your videos so much!

  10. Am so thrill to see the excitement on my little adorable Tyanna face. She is such a fun to watch. I credit her bravery to her loving parents Jon and Rihanna lots of blessing to you both God has brought her in your life for a reason I am thankful when I found your vlog i watch your chanel everday over and over I want you to reach 1000.000 subscribers you earn it in my world lots of love to the Schoeller family.

  11. Y’all are cute as a June bug! So adventurous and sweet. But you should never feed wild animals, even if they appear friendly. (waterfall section) keep your passports handy and keep sharing!!

  12. Tyanna is one well-traveled baby! You guys are so amazing for exposing her to so much of the world at this young age! 💗!

  13. She’s having the most amazing time. So adorable! She’s growing up really quickly. Love your family. Thanks for taking us with you guys on your trip. It was awesome!😁

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