Orthopedic – Bone & Joint Surgeon from Costa Rica

Orthopedic – Bone & Joint Surgeon from Costa Rica

Costa Rican orthopedic surgeon having training from Columbia, USA & many places internationally discusses his background & experience. He has a lot of medical tourists coming to him.

In this video recording, he talks about a lot of different type of orthopedic surgeries like, hip replacement, hip resurfacing, shoulder replacement, knee replacement, shoulder resurfacing, meniscus repair, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), bunion surgery, ankle & foot surgery, torn meniscus, or worn articular cartilage, Arthroscopy of Knee Joint, Torn Floating Cartilage, Meniscal Transplant Surgery, Open Patellar Tendon repair with Cerclage, rotator cuff (rotor cuff), he also talks about bone & joint sports injury & arthritis.

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