Our first impressions of Costa Rica (Tropical Van Life Begins!)

Our first impressions of Costa Rica (Tropical Van Life Begins!)

Woo hoo! We made it to COSTA RICA! 🌴 🇨🇷 Welcome to the first episode of our tropical van life series. Thank you to Athletic Greens for sponsoring this video! Click https://athleticgreens.com/JITS to get yourself a 12-month supply of vitamin D & 5 travel packs for free with your first order! ✨

We are incredibly excited to take you along with us as we explore this stunning country. In this episode, we experience the differences between backpacking and camping through this landscape. In particular, we discover what it’s like to travel in a 4×4 converted camper truck!

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00:00 Intro to our Tropical Van Life Series
01:40 Arriving in the Jungle
03:07 Cecropia Eco Lodge – Night Tour featuring frogs!
05:23 Exploring a Hidden Treasure
08:32 Backpacking vs. Van Life in Costa Rica
09:56 Crocodile Bridge
10:44 Hiring a 4×4 converted truck in Costa Rica
11:58 Why we recommend Athletic Greens!
13:46 First time Wild Camping in Costa Rica
16:53 Exploring Manuel Antonio National Park
19:11 Wild Camping at Playa Dominical
21:55 Still to come in our tropical van life series

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COSTA RICA Local & Indigenous Life – What to Know?

What’s good Profound Travelerz! Thanks for tuning in as I show you the first of several videos from my recent time living in Costa Rica & traveling over to Bocas Del Toro Panama. I learned so much and had great points of personal growth. The Tico people I met were simply amazing. The country is so diverse culturally and the physical landscape. Shouts out to my friends in Cartago, San Jose, Turrialba, Port Limon, Puerto Viejo & Jaco Beach. I’ll be back soon some day, Pura Vida!

1. Turrialba
2. Puerto Limon
3. Puerto Viejo
4. Playa Cahuita
5. Cartago


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  1. Loved it! Me and my kid have been waiting for your videos. You should seriously start a travel group, you’d be fun to travel with.

  2. if you dont know the laungaue & you want to stay there for couple of months how do you do that you are a single mom. how you get local guide safely

  3. All your work is soooo good brother!!!
    I must visit Costa Rica again!!! U make me and my family want to travel.

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