Park Beyond – Modular Building Trailer

Park Beyond – Modular Building Trailer

Welcome to #ParkBeyond, a world where the fantasy of creating the universe’s greatest theme park comes true – all thanks to you!

And in this world, you’ll have the freedom to mix and match a dizzying array of materials and modules into your own unique creations. Buildings can be constructed out of pieces from any theme set, so the only limit when crafting unique shops and décor is your own imagination!

With creativity and impossification, the possibilities are nearly endless! Join us in 2023 when Park Beyond launches on PlayStation 5, Xbox S|X, and PC.

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  1. No disrespect but that all looks pretty Mid compared to Thrillville.

    I mean there’s no gameplay of this so I rest my case.

  2. ya Tuhan semoga para jajaran karyawan dan staff Bandai Namco sehat-sehat terus di jauhkan dari yang namanya narkoba love from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  3. Lets hope the visitors actually want to ride the roller coasters we create. This is so annoying in other theme park games. You create a really cool coaster and then no one rides it.

  4. I hope the game has mechanics for allowing for poorly designed coaster rides to end in complete disaster like the old roller coaster tycoon games

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