Playa Blanca – Amazing Beachfront Property for Sale in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Playa Blanca – Amazing Beachfront Property for Sale in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Prepare to be blown away by this stunning beach front property. Playa Blanca, as the Spanish name describes, is a unique white sand beach just north of Junquillal on the Pacific coast located in a secluded bay. The land is above sea level making for beautiful and unobstructed views.

This piece of land is easy to develop due to its flat terrain which features several large palm trees. A private gate leads to the beach and within a few steps your feet will be firmly planted in the sand or in the ocean. This finca is ideal for a large scale home as well as little houses that can serve as guest houses for your friends and family or as rental properties.

The land is currently in concession with the municipality of Santa Cruz for another 19 years and is renewable. It is also registered in the “Registro Nacional”. The current concession holder may be willing to go into a partnership.

The new and approved “Plano Regular” or Master-Plan by the government for the area allows a residential/rental accommodation development. The land is ready to be built on and has plenty of potable water available which has been confirmed by the local water association “ASADA”. Electricity, internet and cable tv are also available and easy to install.

The zoning restrictions on the property are as follows:

Maximum Density: 80 rooms/hectare
Maximum Coverage: 60%
Green Area: 35%
Recreation: 5%
Setbacks: 3 meters
Maximum Number of Floors: 2
Maximum Height of Roof: 7m (9m if a thatched roof)
In comparison to the other options currently available on the market this is a very unique and low priced opportunity. This land makes for a great sales investment with lots of potential. Come and have a look at this stunning beach front property!


  1. Would prefer to see that go undeveloped or even bought by some zillionaire for a single house estate…. if I could think of a rich bastard that deserved such tranquility. (Lol)

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