Porcelain Veneers at Advance Dental Costa Rica

Porcelain Veneers at Advance Dental Costa Rica

https://www.advancedentalcostarica.com/costa-rica-porcelain-veneers/ There are some people that are not satisfied with their smile. In some cases, the shape of the teeth is an issue, in others they feel they have crooked teeth, other people complain about the color of the teeth. As we can see there are factors that can lead to a not so esthetic smile.

When a person is not content with their current smile, and they feel that a change in color, shape and length is required. A good treatment option might be Porcelain veneers. This treatment consist of placing a shell of porcelain on top of the tooth with the aim of changing the aspect of the tooth and by doing it so we would be addressing the concerns of a unpleasant smile.

This procedure can be from non invasive in selected cases to minimun invasive in most of the cases. Getting veneers is a 3 step process, On the first step we would review the options, we will help you analyzed and design your smile. Step two would involve preparing the teeth for the veneer. The reduction needed for the veneer is 0.3 mm or 0.001 inches, there are some selected cases in which there is no need for preparing the teeth. Once the teeth is prepared a porcelain shell is made. On the third step we would cement the veneer on top of the tooth.

At the end of this procedure we would see an improvement in the overall look of your smile, we are able to change uneven, discolored, and crooked teeth into a head turning healthy smile.

As part of my Training I spend 4 years at Loma Linda University in California, learning the latest technique in dental treatments. This education provide me with the tools needed to help you achieve predictable and successful esthetic results

At Advance Dental Costa Rica doing dental veneers and helping patients achieve their dream smile is one of our passions. Go ahead call us We can help you

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