PUERTO RICO: 10 Most Common Tourist MISTAKES (2022 Travel Guide) (San Juan + More)

PUERTO RICO: 10 Most Common Tourist MISTAKES (2022 Travel Guide) (San Juan + More)

Top 10 Most Common Tourist Mistakes to avoid in Puerto Rico in 2022. San Juan and More!
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  1. Language is big issue for English speaking Americans visiting and for Puertoricans moving to the states. It had created a lot of confusion and division. The government should switch to English only instruction in schools. Poor puertoricans of color are affected the most by this.

  2. As a native, here are some things that you need to know if you visit our island. The government is totally inept, so don’t expect to get anything done in a timely manner. Roads are a disaster, with potholes that can swallow your car, so drive 3-dimensionally. Drivers don’t obey traffic laws, red lights are a suggestion, backing up on the highway is common, exit signs are AFTER the exit, etc. Sales tax is the highest in the nation! Power goes out constantly. Mosquitos will carry you away, so bring repellant! You can drink and drive! (not to be confused with driving while intoxicated) What I mean that if you are driving with your group soaking up the scenery, a nice cold Medalla in your hand is allowed. You can drink anywhere! Some of the best foods are in street side kiosks. Dingy wooden shacks along the roads almost everywhere. If you see a lot of cars parked along the road, usually indicates the food is good. Most of us speak or understand english, they may not be fluent, but can function. WARNING! Puertoricans tend to smile alot, especially when a tourist asks them something in english. DON’T misinterpret this as they are mentally challenged etc. This is just a natural reaction. If you don’t treat them with respect, you will soon find out that they have a very short fuse, and you will also realize why Puerto Rico produces a lot of great boxers! Get to know the locals, we are a friendly bunch and will go out of our way to welcome you!

  3. Dude Bro!
    This video was right on and accurate information as I’m a proud Puertorrican and everything both of you said was true right to the fact about the guys who ask for money to watch the car while you enjoy a tourist area.
    Well done bro 👏🏽🤙🏽

  4. No visit only San Juan and El yunque rain forest. The best places are in the west side too no be scary for visiting in PR Rincon and Caborojo live a lot of Americans that side of the island live there for years they got guest houses if you want look for Guest houses in Rincon and Añasco. For sure You no want leave PR

  5. This was the most basic guide video. Lol! Missed a lot of key areas and points and San Juan is so overrated these days. Lol💪🏽🇵🇷

  6. Some of the advice is not correct. My family and I visit every year. We go to San Juan, Rio Piedras, Manati, Dorado, Ponce, Isabella, Aquadilla, Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Combate and other places. Never has anyone asked for money to watch our car let alone break into our car.

  7. I ended up here because of the Seinfeld "Puerto Rican Day" episode. Now I am leaving because the Seinfeld episode was banned.

  8. Over priced car rentals, usually a couple grand, u get lost ask someone first thing out there mouth is where is that at. This is all B/S. 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. I watched this video before I visited PR, and I don’t think I really understood until I was there. I came back to rewatch this video and it is definitely true 😆.
    I am so glad we traveled San Juan, Aguadilla, Vieques, and Culebra. I cannot wait until I get to go back again!

  10. I need help who to contact I’m going to Luqillo in September I need to rent a car and pick up I’m getting off San juan Airport message me thank you

  11. Miraaa el video esta muy buenooo…!!!
    Peeeerooo si estás hablando en Inglés, porque pones las letras también…?????
    No dejan ver los paisajes que ustedes mismos presentan… esta muy mal hecho ese video…!!!

  12. My husband and I visit Puerto Rico twice a year and have been doing this for years and one extra tip I can give is if you plan on driving outside of San Juan (which you should) in your rental, MAKE SURE to get the rental company’s insurance. Some of the roads in PR are not that good and we ended up hitting a deep pothole that partly ripped the bumper off of the rental car and scraped up and dented the bumper. My husband went to auto zone and got some paint and new screws to put the bumper back on and cover the deep scratches. He had to take some boiling water and pour it on the dents to be able to pop them back out. The scratches were still noticeable as I said they were deep and it was a white car. We used our own insurance instead of paying the extra to use theirs. We were so afraid they were going to notice but it was Christmas season and the island gets extremely busy around that time so thankfully no one noticed. But you do NOT want to be in that position because it will ruin your trip. Its literally all we could think about was ‘ Omg they are going to see this and we are going to take a big hit on our insurance ‘Just take their insurance in case anything happens. The best thing to do would be to rent an Suv if you plan on driving all around the island or even just leaving San Juan. There are some massive potholes. Even on the highway we hit a few decent size ones.

  13. No avoid Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 is best island 🏝 beautiful beach, trees, mountains river park more etc all my life! 🙏❤️❤️❤️🇵🇷🌺

  14. As someone who is Puerto Rican, I think this video is amazing. Emphasizing that visitors need to react CON CALMA is important. Shit is different, you’re in the Caribbean, calm the fuck down and relax ❤

  15. One thing shown in this video is the area of Santurce beware if traveling to this part of Puerto Rico as a Rican who lived there it is a high crime area not mention in this video. Beware in general when traveling to Puerto Rico crime is real and it happens more of what the locals would want to admit. Be safe.

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