Puerto Rico | Things To Do in GRAN CANARIA

Puerto Rico | Things To Do in GRAN CANARIA

Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria is one of the island’s favourite beach and sun hot-spots. It’s only about 35 minutes south of Gran Canaria airport, passing Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas on the way, and is absolutely **stunning**!

It has a (sand)truck-load of things to do; from beach-lounging, to shallow water snorkelling to full-on diving. There are also plenty of boat trips to enjoy and an abundance of good grub outlets. We’d go there! Wait…we did! Watch!!

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Puerto Rico is a purpose-built tourist resort, with high-rise apartment blocks that cut into the mountain range and overlook the ocean.

Lonely Planet actually compared these apartment blocks to stadium seats, backed up against the mountains, which although a little bit harsh is pretty true. – Yeah, I think so.

It’s in the south of the island, about half an hour’s drive from the airport. Bear in mind everything is about half an hour’s drive from each other because the island is teeny tiny.

There’s plenty to do in the town if you feel like leaving your room. There are restaurants and bars; the restaurants serve plenty of authentic Canarian food, if that’s what you’re after. But if you don’t want to stray too far from home, you can find your international dishes like Italian, Irish, Indian food…

Of course there’s the beautiful Amadores beach, which is probably the main reason that anyone would come to Puerto Rico, because it’s stunning. It’s really ideal for families, or anyone who’s not a particularly strong swimmer, because you have these great harbour walls and sea defences that mean that the waves are tiny and the water’s nice and shallow.

It’s also pristine. Definitely bring your snorkels and your goggles because the water is so clear you can see all of the fish swimming around you.

I can tell you that there are actually two harbours so you’ll see plenty of yachts and boats sailing off into the distance. Get yourself on one of them. – We went on an excursion to see dolphins and whales with a company called Spirit of the Sea.

We’re in Puerto Rico on a boat that’s called the Spirit of the Sea in Gran Canaria and we’re off whale-watching. – Yay! We’ll be really lucky if we see whales, we’re hoping to at least see some dolphins, maybe some turtles. – Yay! Can’t wait! – I know!

Now, although the whales were a bit of a no-show, I think you’d have to be probably very very lucky to ever see a whale on one of these, bit of a tourist trap possibly? We saw the dolphins and they were incredible! – We are seeing a whole army of beautiful dolphins, swimming in pairs! – They just do all these acrobatics, flips and jumps. – They’re right under the boat too, they come up right here, right at the front. – And it’s really clear so you can see them quite far down in the water.

Two to three hundred striped dolphins jumping and leaping and just generally looking absolutely beautiful. – It was magical. We felt super privileged and also emotional about it, it was really cool.

So that cost us €27 each and took two hours. – So that was cool! We saw a pod of dolphins. No whales unfortunately, or turtles. – No, but still it was absolutely amazing. They were beautiful, so many of them. – Yep, the guys really looked after us as well, definitely definitely recommend it. – Absolutely.

There are also lots of diving spots in the area. Divey Jones, Davy Jones’ diving company is a great local company! – Divey Jones? They should have called it Divey Jones. – They should have. – Anyway, I dived with Davy Jones and I highly recommend them because they’re very knowledgeable and you feel really really well looked after.

In summary, Puerto Rico had everything on its doorstep. Stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, lots of activities and facilities. And, it’s really cheap.

So thanks for watching and don’t forget to check out our dolphin-spotting video. Bye!!


  1. As you can see Dolphin watching was our favourite thing to do in Puerto Rico!
    Will you do the same, or have you discovered something else just as fun to do?!

  2. I went on the spirit of the sea back in march this year and was lucky enough to see both dolphins and whales . Going back in october cant wait to get back on that beach 👍

  3. I have to admit some of the architecture was unsympathetic to the surroundings, in some places on the drive to my destination I was thinking please hope its not here, looked like council blocks pasted to a mountian, luckily my place was lovely

  4. Moalboal Cebu Philippines its very beautiful for diving .. I can be your tour guide guys if you plan to visit philippines

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