Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Cost of Living:

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Cost of Living:

#PuertoViejo #CostaRicaIf great surfing, gorgeous natural wonders, and a laid back lifestyle is your thing. Then Puerto Viejo is for you. In this video, we cover what Puerto Viejo is like. We’ll discuss the cost of living in Puerto Viejo for budget backpackers, full-time retirees, and digital nomads. We also cover things to do in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; Puerto Viejo food; Puerto Viejo Transportation; Puerto Viejo hospitals, and healthcare. You can count on this video to provide you with all the information you need for Living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

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Video table of contents:

00:00 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Overview
01:06 Puerto Viejo Neighborhood
02:38 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Climate, Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Weather
03:12 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Long-Term Rentals, furnished apartments for rent in Puerto Viejo
03:53 Utilities in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
04:35 Airbnb and Short-Term Rentals
05:00 Cost of Living in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
06:14 Getting Around Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.
06:41 Food Costs in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
06:58 Services in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.
07:32 Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Things to Do

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Atenas, Costa Rica-Living in the countryside of Costa Rica

The town of Atenas, Costa Rica, is located only 35 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the capital city of San Jose. It offers the small-town countryside lifestyle for those that are looking for peace and tranquility. Join me in this video as I tour the town and surrounding areas of Atenas and visit some properties as reference for the type of living accommodations available in Atenas.

The population of the area is around 20,300, and Atenas has become a haven for ex-pats from many different parts of the world. Known for its climate, Atenas is often referred to as “best climate” because of the temperature ranges from 68 F to 89 F year-round.

For more information on the properties viewed, I am attaching the links below.


To contact Shelly Goettl you can do so via her website at https://www.atenasbestclimate.com/

A summary about Atenas from Fodor’s https://www.fodors.com/world/mexico-and-central-america/costa-rica/central-valley/places/atenas

Some video footage courtesy of the Municipality of Atenas collection for their 150-year celebration. You can view the full collection here: https://www.atenasmuni.go.cr/index.php/about-us/distritos


  1. Hi there! I have a certificate of indian blood card. Who might I write in the Costa Rican Government that might help my wife, children, and I, to obtain residency?

  2. What a lousy video and we thought you were going to show the price of the house and the details on the house inside the house you didn’t show anything

  3. ATENAS is certainly one of the top spots for expats to settle in Costa Rica. However, the prices for the homes are TOO EXPENSIVE – as are most houses in the country. KEEP IN MIND – you can RENT a decent (not luxury) home for around $500-$600 / month in the outskirts of Atenas and other mountainous zones. BETTER TO RENT THAN BUY – be warned ! It is REALLY DIFFICULT to sell homes in CR !

  4. Atenas is one of the aspirational places to live for us San Jose City dwellers. You forgot to mention its the site of a US university and also has the best chifrijo and salvadorian pupusas in the country next to each other (Yayos). Its also nested between highway 1 and 27 so the beach is less than 1 hr away I have done it in 30 min to Caldera port.

  5. The picturesque town of Atenas, Alajuela has always been a stable gem nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica’s breathtaking Central Valley

  6. There’s just so much Ancient treasure hidden in the jungles of Costa Rica though for travelers to enrich their lives… Such a marvelous place I’ll tell ya?

    @MyselfOneIII On Twitter
    Current Location : Virginia Beach, Virginia – Earth

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