Real Daily Life in San José, Costa Rica

Real Daily Life in San José, Costa Rica

Living in San Jose, Costa Rica is more than just about visiting beaches and rainforests. This video is all about the daily life that I experienced the year that I moved there to teach ESL. If you’re planning on moving to Costa Rica, I hope this video gives you a bit of insight into what life is like living in the country.

Living and Teaching ESL in Costa Rica


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Costa Rica. The Oldest People In The World (Episode 4) | Full Documentary

The Republic of Costa Rica. This small country snugly sits between two continents. It takes up the narrowest part of the land bridge connecting two Americas: the North and the South ones. For the last 600 years this peaceful republic has been living without calamities and perturbations with the only exception of the civil war in 1948. That domestic strife had resulted in abolishing of the country’s armed forces. And now Costa Rica is one of the few countries that don’t have army. The extra budget is invested into education, medicine and science. With 79 years, Costa Rica is the leader on average life span in Latin America. The biggest contribution to this achievement is made by Guanacaste Province, located on the Nicoya Peninsula. Age records in this region puzzle scientists all over the world.

As life expectancy continues to soar, more and more of us are living to well over the age of 100. We ask some of the oldest people in the world the question everyone wants answered: what is the secret to long life?

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  1. Also, theres been a correlation with coffee and long living humans, and it’s no coincidence that both Italy and Costa Rica are known for the coffee culture, In costa rica you start your day with a big mug of volcanic grown coffee, then after lunch you drink your ol cup of coffee, and in the evening you get your merienda with another cup of coffee.
    I’m in pretty bad shape right now, 0 excercise, 0 medical check ups, but i do drink my 5 cups of coffee a day and im doing fine for now, i hope i get to live for 100 years more, ill comment on this video if that happens 😀

  2. Your documentaries are narrative and much more scientific within an attractive
    stylish voice of differentiated tone 👌.
    People can learn easily and be benificient
    themselves for a better longer life. Thanks 😊 again.

  3. I think that Costa Rican life, especially in the countryside, is full of nature, harmony, peace, quiet, and zero stress. Also, one has to stay active working in farms, nurseries, walking, eating naturally, eating basic non processed foods, getting healthy fresh air daily, climbing cloudy rainforest mountains, listening to the calls of domestic and wild animals, going to the river, going to the beach, walking long distances to the bus stop, etc helps a lot.

  4. Wow! The centenarians of Costa Rica are awesome. Centenarians of Japan get to be so by practicing good eating habits, exercising and practice other good habits. Wishing the Costa Rican’s continued longevity.

  5. Amazing people, a century or more, blessed a long life, for the respect of Nature and people around and their own life. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Alzheimer’s might be the diagnosis, but not always the case. Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus gives the same symptoms as Alzheimer’s, but according to Dr. Gary Yarbrough M.D. “Office Calls,” NPH can be cured.

  7. The test are not really fair because the elderly people in Costa Rica, in many cases were expected to drop out of school at a very young age, to work and to support their family’s. So the people who were never educated, can’t be expected to now take a test, and to pass said tests.

  8. Interesting facts to analyze:

    In 2019, life-expectancy in Costa Rica at birth was 80,8 years.
    In 2019, life-expectancy in United States at birth was 78,5 years.

    At that time, spending on public health was less than 6% of Costa Rica’s GDP (PIB).
    At that time, spending on public health was 17% of United States’ GDP (PIB).

    At the same time, Costa Rican state has a primary role in the healthcare logistics, so is accecsible.
    At the same time, in United States free-market has a primary role in the healthcare logistics, so you can get bankruptcy.

    Conclusion: some services are essential and shouldn’t be ruled as business.

  9. You might have long life but everyone has to died do you know where you are going God wants everyone to go to heaven and ask jesus into your heart and you will go to heaven when you die here are the words of salvation please forgive me jesus im a sinner come into my heart and save me from my sin I no that you are the savior and I no that you died for me on calvary and I no that God raise you from the dead and you are alive and I thankyou for your salvation in Jesus holy name amen and its important to always ask for forgiveness every night so your always right standing with the lord please give these words to someone

  10. Food they eat and the work they do is what lead to their long life. Now with all the foods now a days. Your lucky if you ever reach 60 or more

  11. Im 7 minutes in and he just said that no single factor would affect life expectancy this significantly.
    I’d still like to make some guesses on what those long-livers did. My guesses are eat good (quality food) and move regularly (garden work, walks or sth). Maybe it’s also that they don’t have additional stress through social media cause it didn’t exist for most if their lifetime and when it came out they were already old and maybe didn’t sign up for it.

  12. My grandmother lived to four months shy of 110. Absolutely no senility or dementia. She was of English descent, born and raised in Ohio. Moved to Florida at age 93.

  13. Common sense. Live in nature, fresh air, eat food that isn’t corrupted by hormones and antibiotics (GMO’s), simple lives with no stress.

  14. Big big mistake Costa Rica isn’t in the middle of 2 continents, is in the middle of the continent America is 1 continent otherwise that will make Central America another continent, you people are so uneducated and ignorant about geography and history

  15. It’s genetic my grate grandmother died at 110 years old. 🇵🇼 Palau angaur island. Think 🤔 the highest age is 115

  16. Yes my grandpa is arond 105 years he still work in the farm. The key is the healthy food no chimicals and a peacefull place to live

  17. Indigenous peoples have good genes and understand life on Earth from longer experience. They know what ENOUGH is and can therefore experience contentment and joy. It’s only mysterious to westerners

  18. Heritage land that used to belong to my country Nicaragua….their way is the same as food , culture , traditions God bless my people…read the history is full of learn about the reality…God bless!

  19. My family is Costa Rica and my great grandpa is 101. He even survived covid!! My great grandma is headed that route too. She’s 98. They’re super active with animals and such.

  20. Soy de Costa Rica y mi familia es de guanacasteca, mi abuelo va a cumplir 105 años, mi abuela murió el año pasado a los 98.

  21. When I first came to Costa Rica in the late 80s, it was unusual to see a fat person and fast food was non-existent. That’s all changed now. Obese people are common place and fast food franchises are everywhere. Now with Uber Eats, you don’t even have to leave the house to get bad food. Its a pity.

  22. Great documentary. Translation sucks a little bit specially when the Costa Rican elders are speaking. It’s a shame we can not hear the elders voice bc there’s a lot of magic in their voices. Just put subtitles.

  23. My grandmother lives in Jamaica and she is 104, her brother is 100, her uncle died at 106 and 100, her brother in law died at 103 and his mum was also over 100 at death. In the district where they all live are many people that lives to over 100 years old. This is 2 adjoining district (Masons River and Douglas Castle) the borders of Clarendon and St. Ann’s Jamaica.

  24. I know the answer to your research question. In that part of the world you have less stress, less pollution, less food additives and they are treated better.

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