Retire In Costa Rica – Cost of living

Retire In Costa Rica – Cost of living

Retiring to another country with a lower cost of living.
Moving to Costa Rica

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Living in Grecia Costa Rica – Perspectives from an expat resident in the Central Valley.

The Central Valley of Costa Rica is an appealing lifestyle destination for many ex-pats that want to move to Costa Rica. The town of Grecia in the Central Valley is becoming a popular destination due to its’ great climate and reasonable prices. The fact that you have a pleasant country living lifestyle yet close enough to the major cities of Alajuela and San Jose allows you to have everything you would need within a short drive. The International airport is only 40 minutes from Grecia.

In this video, I visit the town of Grecia and meet with ex-pat Brooke Bishop who has lived in the area for 22 years. She will give us her perspective on life in Grecia including the climate, cost of housing, medical care, community activities, and more. For those of you interested in living in Grecia or the surrounding towns of Naranjo and Sarchi in the Central Valley you can contact Brooke at:

Also check out the official video of the local government at the Municipality of Grecia. The Municipality of Grecia website is

For more information on Costa Rica be sure to visit the most comprehensive Legal Information Site at

Be sure to stay out of trouble and ensure a smooth transition to Costa Rica with your copy of The Legal Guide to Costa Rica


  1. very nice video, i visit often and have seen many properties around and find prices seem to be double what they are really worth and could be a problem if you try to sell..have seen the same properties year after year because prices have been gringoized by realtors…what is your take on this….

  2. I have an insurance plan with Hospital Metropolitano for $13 per month. Most all doctors are bilingual. With the insurance typical office visit for a specialist is about $40.

    Don’t know where all these bilingual specialists are in Grecia. Wish I knew.


  4. What a fantastic video, after spending 2 weeks in Puntarenas, a couple of weeks back, I realized I do love the beach, but having a cooler climate would be ideal, also prices seem to be lower on average. Thank you so much for your video. Pura Vida

  5. I highly recommend Brooke, we met her about 12 years ago when she was working at Vista del Valle and she helped us find our house in San Ramon that same year.

  6. great information. i would recommend put that interview video box in the upper right or bottom right. its obstructs the view

  7. I’ve lived in Grecia for over 11 years, but not interested in purchasing real estate. Real estate is the most conspicuous form of wealth, subject to taxation, regulation and confiscation.

    I rent a modern house for $525 per month. If I were to purchase a comparable house it would cost $200,000.

    Plus I don’t have to "fire sale" a house if I need to return to the US. Nor do I have to worry about what happens if I die.

  8. Very Informative! I’ve been visiting CR for over 20 years and was pretty sure living about the Southern Zone. I’ve been under the assumption the central valley was over populated, suffering from water rationing and well just too Gringo-ized. Glad to see I was wrong from your drive and all the beautiful ridgelines in your area. Might be paying you a visit in the future Brooke. Cheers Greg Mohr, Miami Beach FLA

  9. My family and I are moving to the Santa Ana area in October-November, however seeing this is making me look over that way once our lease is up.🙂

  10. Thanks for the informative interview with Brooke ! Lots of good pointers ! One thing to consider when buying in the Central Valley / Mountains – the "neblina zone", where wet fog is prevalent during much of the year. We lived outside San Ramon de Alajuela, in the town of Los Angeles Sur. We jokingly called the area we lived in "The Lost World" – due to the fog rolling off the ridge as you climbed the steep road. It evoked those old movies, with dinosaurs coming out of the mist !

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