Retiring in Panama VS Costa Rica | What You Need to Know

Retiring in Panama VS Costa Rica | What You Need to Know

In this video, I delve into the pros and cons of retiring in Panama versus Costa Rica as an expat and which country might just come out top.

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Panama Equity was founded on a commitment to deliver a professional real estate experience to all of our clients. Our real estate agents understand the concept of working hard, working smart, and always doing what’s right. We appreciate the trust that our clients put in us, and are always looking to improve the way we deliver the Panama Equity experience.

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Expats in Costa Rica – Restaurant Owner – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Expat Interview with Mike Holly Restaurant Owner –
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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8 Great Places to Live in Costa Rica

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Mike is the owner and operator of Latitude Blue, a Jimmy Buffett inspired restaurant on the beach in Tamarindo. In his interview, he shares his experience living in Tamarindo as well as information about owning and running a restaurant business in Costa Rica.

Here are the questions he answers in his interview:

00:26 What made you want to move to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and open a business?
01:30 Can you describe to me what Tamarindo is like?
02:31 What is your vision for the restaurant?
03:26 Was the process of buying a restaurant in Costa Rica difficult?
04:29 How about permitting, employees and actually getting the restaurant up and running?
04:45 What was the hardest part of starting your business in Costa Rica?
05:38 Do you have any tips or advice for someone wanting to start a business in Costa Rica?
06:38 How did the fire dancers become part of your nightly entertainment?
07:20 Do you think there are opportunities for new businesses here in Costa Rica?
07:54 Is it important to Know Spanish?
08:57 Do you own a home or do you rent in Costa Rica?
10:02 If someone is moving to Costa Rica, would you recommend renting a house before buying?
10:18 What is the cost of living in Tamarindo?
10:47 How do you like the weather in Tamarindo?
11:26 What’s it like in Tamarindo during the rainy season?
11:55 Expat life in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

For more information, please visit www.LivingOverseas.TV


  1. This was so informative. Great interview! I am from the Virgin Islands and we had the book "Don’t Stop The Carnival" in our family library. I laughed at Mike’s mention of this!!!! Took me back to my childhood.

  2. Love your videos, love Costa Rica! Live the dream !
    Is this a recent trip, I would love to come dine at Mike’s place, but is it open right now? Costa Rica 🇨🇷 is a dreamy place. What is the date of this interview? Looks like pre Covid?

  3. As an American seriously considering a move to CR, this was a spectacular video. My career allows me to work anywhere, but I would love to buy an existing business where I could assist and have supplemental income.

  4. Going back to San Jose the landscape was out of the jurasic period expecting Tyranno Saurus Rex to appear at any moment. Speedy Gonzales got me fast outa there.

  5. Well done Mike! I agree "Costa Rica is on the verge of exploding" We own a restaurant in Playas Del Coco and love the balance of life and work. We are actually expanding our brand! Totally worth the move to Costa Rica. No regrets.

  6. Im a surfer from Hawaii and used to frequent the Philippines but they seem to prefer to stay closed. This means I am now looking at Colombia or Costa Rica. Is life better there than in the Philippines? I like socializing and good vibes… nature.. Thanks!

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