San Jose Costa Rica Travel Guide 4K

San Jose Costa Rica Travel Guide 4K

This is a travel guide for San Jose, Costa Rica. We arrived in Costa Rica through the capitol. There are two main airports in Costa Rica. San Jose and Liberia. Many of you will arrive in San Jose on your airplane then you will decide if you want to explore the capitol city or if you will want to head out to one of the main attractions in Costa Rica.

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  1. Dude i started to follow you when i went to Cancun and i came i across your videos, I am from Costa Rica, thanks for the visit. Hope Parque Naciona Manuel Antonio and Puerto Viejo are on your list

  2. Hello! Cas is not Guava fruit. It is a tropical fruit and as far as I know, there is no english word for it. I hope you enjoyed CR!

  3. Damn bro! You do a really good job at documenting all these places! I’m really inspired by you! Cant wait to see what you show us from Canada!

  4. I’m close to booking to go to CR, and have been researching San Jose vids on YouTube; this is by far the best. Gives a true sense of the feel of San Jose. Presents the city in a much more positive light than anything else I’ve seen.

  5. Really found the information provided in this travel guide valuable and helpful Very nice video and enjoyed the content. I too also do similar travel guides on my channel. Watching videos like this really inspire me to create quality content for my audience as well. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the info. I’m coming down from Charlotte NC on January 11th. Since I’m there for 2 full weeks while getting oral surgery, I’m going to have a lot of time to see the sights. I heard about a great animal sanctuary that I’m hoping to see. Sloths and Tucan Sam birds.

  7. Your story about the shoe shine guy robbing you and lying to you is relatable, a similar thing happened to me in Costa Rica. Lots of thieves and liars there it seems, we must be careful.

  8. you did an amazing job picking a good time of the day to film avoiding most of the noise and pollution, picking the spots and extracting some beauty of this run-down city. I grew up there and I don’t visit it unless I have to. It is not bad for Central American standards but tourists should skip this place and go directly to the beaches and National Parks.
    At 14:43 you were walking towards the bridge that connects 2 areas of the golf course, it brings back memories of my childhood when I used to visit some friends in that neighborhood. Thanks.

  9. “Fun fact”: the “Juan Santamaría Airport” is located in the Alajuela province NOT in San José (which is a completely different province)

  10. Hi guys i’m KENYAN i need a cost Rican friends here.
    I’m coming in a few days later. Any whatsap number

  11. I wish these types of travel videos would be considered as standard rather than those " HEY GUUUUYZZZZZ" type of overexcited super pseudo enthusiastic bullshit. Thanks for the content mate, enjoyed the silent walks.

  12. I’m Costa Rican, from Heredia, 11 km north of San Jose. San Jose is a rambling city, with beautiful architecture in some neighborhoods and dirty, dangerous, run down streets in others. This video shows some of the best parts of town, and I don’t see the crowds and the traffic jams that are usual there. The city has grown in a disorganized way, without a real urban plan. And it’s as dangerous as any large city, specially after dark. I never go there if I can help it. The pollution, the cars and the noise are just too much. If you visit, make sure to inform yourself what places to avoid, where you can walk in relative safety, and yes, don’t trust every fast-talking officious person. Only take the official red cabs and demand the cabbie to turn on "la Maria", the device that shows you the actual fare of the ride. If he refuses, take another cab. And yes, there are pickpockets galore.

  13. A friendly tip for anyone from other countries traveling here, yes. The shoeshine thing is a scam, same with any of these "Services".

    If you’re renting a car, make sure to always take pictures of the outside, underside and inside the car. Otherwise, when you return the car, you’re going to be charged "Damage" That wasn’t there. Also, fill the gas.

    NEVER, EVER Take the Red cabs / Taxis, they will 100% Overcharge you for any and every trip you take, they are known for doing this. Just use Uber.

  14. This brings back memories, went there in 2008. I highly suggest you go to Panama, I found out that overall Costa Rica (at least it was back then) is overrated in comparison. Basically back then, hotels were starting at 50$ in San Jose while it was 24$ in Panama, bunch of dirt roads in Costa Rica, nicely paved almost everywhere in Panama, beer in CS was 1$ in panama I remember those were 0.44-0.50$ only. Basically, so many things were half price and the quality was the same or higher and there wasn’t a crowd of questionable hippie backpackers all over the place in Panama as it was in CS. Even the beaches were more beautiful in Panama and the city had more convenience. I don’t know if you’d agree, you might not but Panama is definitely worth checking out if you’re just next door.

  15. Nice! but…Well…cas drink is not made with guaba ( guayaba), no. Cas is another fruit much acid, like citric that looks like guaba,but it is not.

  16. About the shoe shining guy, Just remember there are so many people from different countries there, was he Costa Rican? Costa Rican people is not like that but obviously there are exceptions.

  17. Cool video. The elevation is pretty high at 3,900 ft. How is the weather year round? I’m not crazy about humidity or long term snow.

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