Santa Barbara – Travel Guide | Things to do

Santa Barbara – Travel Guide | Things to do

Santa Barbara – Travel Guide | Things to do
We recently took a trip to Santa Barbara and I wanted to share our experience as well as things to do in and around the area. We stayed at the Waterman hotel downtown, in the Funk Zone. We were there in early April during the Covid 19 Pandemic and I would say the 60-70% of the people there were wearing masks outside. Very beautiful and scenic city with a lot of things to do.

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0:00 Intro

0:38 Getting to Santa Barbara

1:10 Population and tourism

1:25 Santa Barbara location and Architecture

1:40 Stearns Wharf

1:53 Santa Barbara and Montecito Real Estate

2:10 Santa Barbara Earthquakes

2:34 Downtown and State Street

3:35 Where to stay – The Californian

3:46 The Waterman
4:00 Bike, buggy, and pedal cart rentals

4:13 Santa Barbara Bike path

4:30 Food and places to eat

4:49 Santa Barbara beaches
5:17 Paragliding

5:36 Whale watching

6:07 Santa Barbara day trips to Solvang and Los Olivos
6:44 Santa Barbara wine tours

7:11 Neverland Ranch

7:30 Santa Ynez Mountains

7:42 Mission Santa Barbara

8:00 wrap up

Music: Vail – Shining lights
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  1. Great video to watch! This city has beautiful scenery. And I have visited this place on summer, which has better shops and fantastic festivals.

  2. Great content great video but your story telling or voice is a little boring or sleepy I don’t know.. you have to add some excitement.

  3. This video does the best job showing off the beauty of Santa Barbara. One correction: Solvang is a Danish, not Dutch themed town.

  4. It’s a beautiful town indeed. My family and I were there last week. But they need to get tough on the homelessness. That’ll decay the city quicker than anything. I know it’s not “nice” to say, but look what nice has done to other major metropolitan cities. Time to get tough

  5. This is a real warning: be careful with the people in Santa Barbara. There is so many self entitled ass holes here and a bunch of male bike riding Karen’s out there. Watch out for these people they will yell, demand and expect you to obey 🤣.

  6. I was in Santa Barbara once in September 1995 on the way from San Francisco to LA as a German tourist I just wanted to stay one night there after long ride with a red Chrysler convertible on the 101 and to continue my travel next day to LA and San Diego but I was so fascinated by this beautiful city so that we decided to stay 3 days in Santa Barbara and enjoyed every single day.

  7. Wow people get this guys channel out! this video was perfect unlike those that quickly whip the camera all over the places and miss the context of those places; his factoids surrounding SB were great and only could have been cooler if he had a small quick piece on Michael Keaton who lives there since 1970 and loves riding horses after his "Birdman" killer comeback.

  8. Wow what a wonderful video of my hometown! I will be subscribing for sure. My moms side of our family has colonial Spanish & Chumash heritage and we have been here for generations. You did a wonderful job showcasing this beautiful town, thank you! Another travel tip for visitors definitely check out Elings Park and the Courthouse for incredible views, as well as the mission and el presidio really cool to see the history and old adobe architecture.

  9. Great video and I think it sold me on taking my wife and two daughters (23 and 15) there for vacation this summer. Question, they love to just walk and look at shops, get coffee, eat etc very in a short walking distance but I’d also like to be somewhat close to the beach. Is that possible, or would you say to choose one or the other?

  10. Thank you for this video, I’ve been here many times ,but you gave me some great tips to where to go and explore more options. I’m planning on becoming a resident here. Love this town !!

  11. I was born here and spent my first six years here. Moved away 26 years ago now, but I still have family there. Miss it more and more everyday (moved to Oxnard and as an adult reside in NorCal). I’m planning on going back next year and at least hitting up all the old spots I barely remember lol

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