Saving money by going to Costa Rica (for dental work)

Saving money by going to Costa Rica (for dental work)

Matthew goes to Costa Rica to get dental work done. He spends his evenings updating us on the process.

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Bob’s website to help your dental tourism trip super smooth:
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Restaurant with a lookout in San Jose:


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  1. Thanks for your video. I’m going this summer. I’ve been doing my research, I’ve reach out to sum dental clinic in Costa Rica.. and I’m already impressed. Wow! I’ve actually reached out to Kaver dental. Not sure which dental clinic to choose as yet tho. they’re all super nice, informative, and professional.

  2. Honestly, the work looks good, but you do nothing to explain costs or anything. If the point of this video is to say how it’s cheaper to go to Costa Rica for dental work I need numbers. I find it hard to believe it was cheaper to book a flight and hotel for a week plus dental work (plus all your meals) that it was cheaper than to just do it in America. Give me some hard data! Give cost breakdown and analysis.

  3. There’s something wrong with a system where dental work is so expensive that it’s cheaper to fly to another country than to pay a local dentist. Not that I’m criticising you for spending your money in a certain way.

  4. Such a solid video! Your personality is a delight to see and experience all of this with. Really well done footage. Is the camera strapped to your chest? I don’t know how you get the camera footage so straight!
    You guys are putting out such a great channel! Thanks be to God!

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