Simplify Life! Slow Simple Living in Costa Rica | Mindful Lifestyle

Simplify Life! Slow Simple Living in Costa Rica | Mindful Lifestyle

Simplify Life! Slow Simple Living in Costa Rica | Mindful Lifestyle
I’m taking you with me on a trip to Costa Rica to visit my son and his family. They left the rat race and busy American life, for a simpler, slower paced lifestyle in Costa Rica. Living mindfully and raising a family as Costa Rican expats. Slow living on the beach, simplifying life everyplace they can. Living a mindful lifestyle and practicing intentional living is the key to happiness.
I talk with them about how slowing down and living simply has impacted their life.

You can follow Forrest and Marlee’s slow living adventures on their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/CoastalDistancing/playlists

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Living in Costa Rica – Now I Gotta Leave – What Happened to Matt?

#livinginCostaRica #Digitalnomad #costofliving ‘Living in Costa Rica – Now I Gotta Leave – What Happened to Matt?’ Matt has been living in Costa Rica for 14 months now. He had no intention of leaving but forces outside his ‘control’ forced his hand. So why does Matt have to leave Costa Rica? What happened? What’s he been doing since our last interview? Is he still a property manager in La Fortuna? Is he still writing his book, ‘Prime Cut’? What’s he think about living in Costa Rica? The good, the bad the ugly? Does he like hanging out with the locals, immersing himself in the ‘Tico culture’? Does he think living in Costa Rica is expensive? Where’s he going? What’s he going to be doing? Is Matt planning on coming back to Costa Rica eventually? What advice does Matt have for other folks thinking about making the move. This and sooooo much more in this video, ‘Living in Costa Rica – Now I Gotta Leave – What Happened to Matt?’

Our first interview with Matt-
”Living CHEAP in Costa Rica as a Digital Nomad Expat Interview w/Matt’- https://youtu.be/URhIZkMB6b4

Contact Matt-

Website- Matthewmarknichols.com

To CHECK OUT Matt’s books-
Amazon Search: Matthew Mark Nichols – Dramatic Series – Prime Cut
Amazon Search: Matthew Nichols – Moments – Love & Relationships

START HERE to find out if Costa Rica is right for you or not, so if you really want to get a good idea if Costa Rica is right for you- Check OUT these videos and you will know within the hour if you should pursue a life in Costa Rica or NOT. If you decide Costa Rica might be a good fit, maybe now is the time to contact us at- info@travelcostaricanow.com

-The Ten Commandments for Living in Costa Rica- https://youtu.be/u4vo-5Thgzc
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Making the move to Costa Rica, live in Costa Rica can be quite the adventure, possibly stressful but definitely an adventure. Nothing can be more annoying, frustrating than learning things the hard way because you really don’t understand how it is in Costa Rica, especially in the gringo community. The trick is to try and not make too big of mistakes the first year or two you are living in Costa Rica. For example, gringo pricing, which is a real thing, happens to just about everyone who makes the move, even when they’ve done the research, go figure. But eventually we all learn. 2 things I recommend you don’t do the first two years of living in Costa Rica is buy property and jump into getting your residency, especially when you don’t even know you will really like living abroad, overseas, international living in Costa Rica. So in general those are two good rules to follow. Yes, obviously there are exceptions but that doesn’t mean you are one of them. Another general rule is to not jump into a small business that you really had no intention of getting into in the first place. But friends here have a way of separating gringos, expat community, from their money. Pick your friends wisely in Costa Rica. Wait to start that business. Observe your surroundings and the people in them before making fast friends with anyone in Costa Rica.

Travel Costa Rica NOW is a travel agency. Go to TravelCostaRicaNOW.com and fill out the 4-minute form and you will be that much closer to the vacation of a lifetime. Travel Costa Rica NOW is like you having best friends who live in Costa Rica who know Costa Rica, totally hooking up your Costa Rica vacation.

Feedback? Comments/Questions? Email us at info@travelcostaricanow.com

I hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘Living in Costa Rica – Now I Gotta Leave – What Happened to Matt?’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica very soon. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica NOW- Pura Vida


  1. Bro, been here 3 months. He’s right, napkins suck, but I absolutely love the ketchup! In USA high fructose corn syrup , here real sugar and I think it’s delicious

  2. Totally disagree with the opinion about ketchup.
    "They have the best ketchup known to men."
    … and the dog’s duty is to bark. The dog, which doesn’t bark is useless. 😀

  3. Man, I hear Matt’s plight. I also make my money in crypto. The market has been down for some months now and making money in it has been very trying. Still, there are projects out there that still yield monthly returns. I’m making my monthly dues with passive income projects and I live in Texas, so it’s not like it’s super cheap. I still make enough to fill the needs to keep my fam afloat.
    Chances are, Matt has made his decision by now, but me being him, I would still be in CR. It’s simply about where you invest. (BTW, buy some XRP y’all. You can thank me later)

  4. Hey Mike PURA Vida, like you said,I’m been coming to C,R, since 1994, and what i Learn is to take it easy i don’t need nothing we have two houses in C,R, my Wife Tica and I, in Tibás in San Jose, and in NANDAYURE, Guanacaste, and i have just what i need , Organic foods , And having a GREAT LIFE, the answer is take it easy relaxing let everything for tomorrow life, You can do it to, thank you for telling the TRUTH ABOUT C,R, oh and i LOVE THAT SWEET KETCHUP,

  5. I have enjoyed watching your videos for a few years and learned a lot before visiting Costa Rica in 2019. I loved it and want to visit again sometime. If you have not done so, can you maybe do a video from someone who you planned a Costa Rican vacation for and their experience? Thank you in advance.

  6. Seems like Matt will do well wherever he lands! The reason he needs to leave is beyond his control and he realizes that and has a positive attitude and the skills to adjust! Wish him only the best…. he’ll be back!

  7. Great interview Michael! Solid guy that has many passions (Costa Rica being one of them), but life can present you with many challenges and he’s making the best decision for his needs at this time. He sounds like he’ll be returning to Costa Rica one day 🙂

  8. HEY MIKE, the ketchup, I LOVE IT IS SWEET or spicy, or regular, I LOVE IT, IS NOT MONSANTO LIKE IN THE STATES, is like some North Americans that come are use to that Monsanto food, the products of food things are EXCELLENT, please don’t say things that can canfues people,of all your videos the only thing that your rong is the Excellent foods products that they have, thank you Mike your PURA VIDA, Eddie, from Fort Lauderdale Fla, now in BEAUTIFUL NANDAYURE, GUANACASTE, coming to C,R, since 1993,

  9. Ive been in costa rica for 2 months and totally agree that I feel a (slight ) calming effect about not stressing about what has to get done. One day at a time learning pura vida. Im looking to build a homestead/food forest and invite everyone to check out my channel as a north american learning self sufficiency in CR. I agree about the ketchup..its baad!!😂

  10. I have no crypto, but try to wise and do not sell. The Petro dollar will be bust end of next year latest, nobody can tell what effects that will have. Sell perhaps, but don’t sell all.

  11. We actually love the ketchup here . 😋. Tastes like fresh tomatoes. The dogs are security for people here but depending on where you live it can be annoying. Today is our 1 year anniversary of our move here. Thanks for sharing Michael 👍😊.

  12. Been planning for a year and its finally happening, I will be in La Fortuna in 3 weeks. Wish I knew that house management position was going to be opening up. Thanks for the tip Matt, now I’m going to pack a napkin!

  13. We’ve done a series of videos on Costa Rica and have been considering moving there, love the food and the relaxed nature. Very cool you got to live there for awhile. Just so hard to leave home and know what’s able.

  14. Awesome 👍 guest! I need a screenwriter. Can you come to Maui on the way to Alaska? We can discuss it? Or video chat?


  16. Clipped by Crypto.. Good luck with your future decisions! You can always come back now that you have found Costa Rica.. I’ve found that healthy food (Fruits and Veggies) that Costa Rica has plenty is the cheapest food in the world.. Nice to see you found a healthy diet there…

  17. Hello and thanks to you both for this video! It seems that everyone clutches their pearls when ex-pats return to their home countries. But, why? This is Costa Rica; it’s not a kidnapping! I know Matt takes some of Costa Rica with in his heart and his great attitude will serve him well!

  18. Sad that he has to leave because Costa Rica looks good on him. He looks amazing and refreshed. I wish him luck and to maybe see another interview in a year where he gets to come back for life

  19. Again, Michael, another very informative and sincere video. Those of us evaluating a move to Costa Rica really appreciate the honesty you provide.
    Matt, thank you for sharing. Wishing you safe travels, more adventures and the hope that we see you in Cost Rica in the future!

  20. Really appreciate Matt’s openness and vulnerability. These raw conversations are important and incredibly beneficial for many us in similar positions.

  21. In Costa Rica you can live comfortably, whether on a fixed income or you have thousands to spend on rent. I live in Santa Gertrudis Norte , Grecia and I pay $300 (USD) for a furnished 1 bedroom apartment AND it includes internet, water and electric. Its in a small apartment complex with 7 apartments (1-2bdrm, 2-studio, and 4 1bdrm). I could afford more but why, this place fits my needs. It’s one block from the bus stop and has two mini-super within 5 minute walk. With more and more expats moving here from the U.S., Europe and Canada housing prices have significantly increased (particularly on the coast).

  22. Matt mentioned cryptocurrency. Word to the wise: Costa Rica is not friendly toward cryptocurrency. Even a seven digit crypto portfolio is worthless in Costa Rica because unless the profit was taken years in advance and allowed to "season" in a traditional bank account for at least twelve months, it cannot be imported unless you know a lawyer better than any of the ones we’ve tried to deal with. We learned when trying to purchase land that KYC laws (know your customer) force third party escrow companies to obtain the history of money being imported, and when the banks here learn it is profit from crypto trading, they reject it. It took us a long time to find an attorney who was willing to assist us, not only with land purchase but with handling funds that we successfully imported last year for a real estate transaction that went bad. The property we wanted to buy could not be separated from the mother plano due to problems with INTA certification, so our escrow funds reverted to us, yet a certain attorney we hoped to use refused to work with those funds and managed to insult us a few times in the process. "Too much money" to open a personal non-resident account in which to transfer the escrowed funds, but "not enough money" for her escrow service to bother with. Well, we gave up on her and found an attorney who was happy to use those funds that had been escrowed for a year in Costa Rica. This has left a very sour taste in our mouths about trying to do business in this country, and while we are not going to leave, we know now that any future income should be invested outside this country, that the only real value we can get in Costa Rica is the ability to live off grid and live small, which is the main reason we came to Central America in the first place. Yes, we have found property in our price range. Yes, we are in the process of buying it. No, we could not be pressured by ambitious Costa Rican real estate agents to pay twice the amount we stated up front was our price range. We stood our ground no matter who it infuriated, and that paid off for us in the end. We didn’t come here to make friends. We came here to live in a way that’s best for us, whether or not our decisions endear us to the locals. So just know, if you are coming into Costa Rica with a crypto portfolio, you need to cash out at least a year in advance and let those funds season in a traditional bank account somewhere or you may not be able to use that money in Costa Rica, especially if its a sizeable amount.

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