Swiss Modular Home – Under Construction Tour

Swiss Modular Home – Under Construction Tour

Join us as we give a behind the scenes tour of an incredibly well built Swiss modular home – built by the same company that is manufacturing the windows from the last episode! https://www.holzbau-bucher.ch

Huge thanks to Siga for hosting us. https://www.siga.swiss/us_en/
A TON of Behind the Scenes – https://www.instagram.com/risingerbuild

Huge thanks to our Show sponsors USG/Tremco, Polywall, Huber, Dorken Delta, Prosoco, Rockwool & Endura for helping to make these videos possible! These are all trusted companies that Matt has worked with for years and trusts their products in the homes he builds.



  1. Knowledgeable guy.would be very interested to see Mr.Reisinger assemble a dream team of everything from architects ,builders, building material manufacturers distributors & some people who specialize & /or know how to form non profit organizations,apply for grants,find wealthy individuals active in philanthropy + some that aren’t but could be persuaded to participate in a good cause.Between his notoriety on all the social networks ,tv,news paper/magazines ect.ect.& being a trusted professional that knows just about all there is to know when it comes to building + his contacts + their contacts & so on &so on….a few phone calls to the right people ,and id bet dollars to doughnuts something really special could get started that could make a big difference in a lot of peoples lives.A simple,affordable ,energy-efficient housing is doable.there’s also a lot of natural building techniques(straw bale,cob,earthbag,rammed earth,bermed houses )& all the geothermal heating cooling .if Matt would get something like this started ,it seems to me it could start snowballing out of control…In a good ,tax deductible,red tape cutting,people before profit, kind of snowball out of control way.I’m in,anyone else ? Any thoughts?I have some skill,tools,& time to & a piece of land to help get something started or willing to travel if that would be better…?..just watching & thinking.Again,any thoughts.thanks .Burke,NC.USA

  2. +1. .. Impressive are the "Build" strategies from around the globe. .. Consider the effect of modern moisture intrusion mitigation strategies. .. The century-young barn at my In-laws Wiesbaden, DE farm would last another couple of generations. .. (That is unless we turn it into Condo’s) .. Cheers, Vail, Colorado

  3. European houses have lower amperage? I’m pretty sure we also have 15 amp. I know most power strips are rated for 3500 W max, which is 15 amps at 230V.

  4. I think one of the largest differences to the US of A would be the large windows in the factory building and the vast amounts of sunlight flooding the factory floor.

  5. I am looking for a company like this in Europe for my little brother to work and learn with, can someone please help? We are french and no trouble for visa etc.

  6. i want to see some prices of one of those modular homes but i cant get an offer from them ,can someone guide me a little?

  7. … жодного вентиляційного отвору!
    Чим там дихати? відкривати вікна для продуху?

  8. Hello there, I have requested your DVDs, for simpler and quicker approach to manufacture a shed woodplans.works I trust the substance are as you guaranteed it will be. Just I’m worried with the substance, it won’t be anything but difficult to settle on a decision from the various plans.

  9. Are you saying that house is gonna have a flat roof once done? Cool! My architect is over here tryna tell me "it can’t/shouldn’t be done in New Orleans" and I’m like "Why not?"

  10. Long lasting.yes.not just building a home but a home place.security for many generations.life is short.leave something behind you can be proud of.

  11. Yeah the scandanavians definitely know how to build a nice house. We could definitely learn a thing or two about insulation from them here in New Zealand where I’m a builder we only use about a quarter of what they do. They have a colder climate than we have yet their houses are a lot warmer than ours. We need to do a lot better when it comes to insulation here in New Zealand that’s for sure.

  12. I recently just started investing in bitcoin when I learnt it was $60000 through the help of Luiz and just an hour ago I got a profit of $9000 into my wallet.

  13. great video and info 🙂 I’m planing to build my retirement house back in the old country Poland and was so educated while planning, there are so many companies there that are doing these kind of prefabricated frame houses.

  14. A few observations. Around 7:30 you assume a steel beam behind the plates, when they just look like connecting plates between floor and wall. The tightly glued sandwich construction of floor & wall makes those big sheets strong and stiff enough to not bend. They are basically beams & floor in one. The connection points between floor/wall and different sections are the most vulnerable points in the construction. They might also need reinforcement, in order to be precise enough to neatly "click" together. The "wooden insulation" is just softboard. These are cheap, non constructional wall panels. The real wooden rulers are framing them and the profile ensures an easy and swiftly installation. Thinner sheets of softboard break easily, so i guess the panels need a certain thickness in order to give them some strength, so you don’t break them while leaning onto them.

  15. *I love the thurough collection of information on building a tiny house **shedplans.work** the does and don’t will help keep from learning the hard way.*

  16. 4:15 it isnt there to insulate the wall from a heated floor but to make space for a floor slab to expand without pushing the wall out and making cracks…

  17. Does any builder in USA follow this model of building houses for consumers? I look at this and think about the scandalous ways we do things in America, especially condos!

  18. Hi,,I`m from Norway and we use the same air ventilation box and it is a heat exchanger.So cold air coming in are heated up to nearly the same temperature as the air going out. All new houses in Norway have this heat exchanger box from about 1995.

  19. They can only sell these houses in Switzerland or to millionaires because they are so expensive that the price is unaffordable.

  20. 4:07 It’ s a mineral wool tape for use in the area of floating floors to minimizes acoustic bridges between the floor and the wall. It is not designed to prevent heat transfer to the wall, because tape is too thin.

  21. 250 per sq foot ?? well make it 300 per sq foot but there are maximum 5 000 000 houses in that country total so they can cut all the wood they want

  22. You should be fined 100CHF every time you murder the language – please just give up. Please? It’s difficult for me to figure out how somebody with a good German name can’t pronounce even a three-letter word in German, but hey, you won’t change.

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