Tamarindo Costa Rica Travel Guide 2022

Tamarindo Costa Rica Travel Guide 2022

In this travel guide from Tamarindo we show you around the Guanacaste Province as well as do some activities like the sunset cruise. There is horseback riding, surfing, sunshine and tons of relaxation to be had in Tamarindo Costa Rica.

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  1. The most stupid thing about the covid pandemic was closing beaches and commercial businesses, today we have the severe effects on the economy.

  2. Great video…quick question did you register your drone? I am heading there next week and want to take my drone with me…thanks

  3. What a wonderful country. All those amazing beaches. Friendly people, and nature with no comparison. If I would like to live in Costa Rica? of course ! it is my dream life. Oh oh but wait a minute! I live here and Guanacaste is my backyard.

  4. I’m going to Tamarindo in February and the place where you stayed (adults only) looks and sounds great. What’s the name of the hotel?

  5. Thank you for the great video I was in Dominican Republic the horses are on the beach just like in Costa Rica … they go to the bathroom and nobody picks it up and it goes right into the water I just don’t understand that

  6. Thanks for the video! I’ll be going to Costa Rica in May and will be staying near the areas you showed in your video! Definitely gave me some ideas on where to visit!

  7. Been coming to Tamarindo since ’92. Sadly I’m a little too old now. Loved walking along the beach from Langosta into Tam. in the morning around the point, stopping for a coffee at Nogui’s maybe a lunch at Buon Appetito , lovely Italian lady owns that spot. The Sunday beach barbeque at Capitan Suizo, a quiet evening dinner at Cala Luna or Fish & Cheeses. Lovely sunsets and friendly people, both Ticos and visitors. You can tell I belong to the older crowd. I’m going to miss it.

  8. I liked that area when i went to Costa Rica! The people seemed very friendly and sincere! I could live in that area! Thanks for the memories! Pura Vida!

  9. Can someone please recommend a trustworthy website for homes for sale in this area? We are from Canada, looking forward to meeting fellow Canucks!!!🤗( healthcare, Dr’s, income needed to live there as we are retired. Thank you!!!!

  10. I went to Tamarindo right before Covid I fell in love with it…People look happier with nature …I hope I can move to live in Costa Rica one day….Thanks for sharing.

  11. Don’t forget to wear a bullet proof vest before walking down la Avenida, you have no idea what gang banger has issues with another gang banger and might just shoot him in front of you in broad daylight.

    Also don’t forget to note where the rocks are before surfing in high tide, you might just lose your fin.

  12. Great insight mate. Heading to Mexico City then off to Costa Rica in a few weeks. Looking at Jaco & a few other places. Any recommendations be amazing 👍🏻

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