Tamarindo Travel Guide 2022 II 4K II Costa Rica Awaits II For Travelers and Future Expats

Tamarindo Travel Guide 2022 II 4K II Costa Rica Awaits II For Travelers and Future Expats

Let’s Dive Into Tamarindo, Costa Rica

This week we share our travel tips for a vibrant, fun and delicious experience in Tamarindo, Guanacaste! Don’t believe everything you hear! Tamarindo had some growing pains but those days are in the past. Today it has truly blossomed into a one-stop, action-packed, sun-baked, AMAZING travel destination.

Watch the whole episode or hop around our Tamarindo Travel Guide by using the video chapters
0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Tamarindo is Located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
1:30 – Coming Up…
1:50 – This is Salt Travel Co
2:29 – Welcome to Tamarindo
3:26 – Let’s Eat
3:50 – Little Lucha
4:22 – Jardin Tamarindo Food Truck Park
5:48 – El Mercadito
6:00 – Beachside Restaurants
6:29 – El Chiringuito
6:43 – Shrimp Hole
7:00 – Let’s Party!
8:00 – Beach Massages!
9:25 – What’s There To Do In Tamarindo
12:35 – Let’s Dive Deeper
14:45 – Dreaming Of Moving To Costa Rica?
16:15 – Coming Up…
16:25 – Thank you!
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– Tamarindo Shops We Love –
Del Toro Bikinis – https://www.instagram.com/deltorobikinis/
Urban Eclectic Jewelry – https://www.instagram.com/deltorobikinis/
Papaya Con Leche – https://papayaconleche.com/
Guana – https://www.guanacostarica.com/

Salt Travel Co. – https://www.salttravelco.com/
Little Lucha – https://www.facebook.com/littleluchataqueria/
Jardin Tamarindo Food Truck Park – https://www.facebook.com/jardintamarindofoodtruckpark/?ref=br_rs
El Mercadito – https://www.mercaditotama.com/
El Chiringuito – https://www.facebook.com/El-Chiringuito-Tamarindo-1048258501969017/
Shrimp Hole – https://m.facebook.com/ShrimpHoleTamarindo/

– Other Great Spots –
Pacifico – https://www.facebook.com/pacificobartamarindo/
Volcano Brewing Company
Auto Mercado – https://www.automercado.cr/

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What’s coming up?
Join us as we begin a new road trip series along the Pacific coast of Guanacaste.

First, we dive into Tamarindo to eat, beach hop, and explore why this is the perfect ex-pat jumping IN place. Next, we drive a short ways to Playa Brasilito and Conchal where we walk from a local fisherman village to a lux, shell filled cove. Lastly, we discover Las Catalinas and feel like we’ve been transported to a European seaside.


  1. I was in Taramindo in April for the first time. I went alone and I have to say I absolutely loved it, the Costa Ricans are such beautiful people and the country beautiful, gorgeous, amazing seriously I was speechless. I’m planing to go back but next time I’m going to do Airbnb and mix more with the locals and explore parts I didn’t get a chance to do. I can’t wait to go back. So much love for Costa Rica ❤️ Pura Vida. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. This looks like an awesome place to vacation! You did not mention the cost of living for expats or retirees. From what I can see, it appears you need to rent a car to get around. The public transport is not used much in videos I have watched so far. Any thoughts?

  3. As for nachos 👎 unwarned nachis with a bit if sauce squirted across the top no cheese. I at it at Joe’.s The sign said Eat at Joes’. Don’t eat at Joes.

  4. Great video
    I have a question though
    I am mask free and illegal injection they call a vaccine free
    If I manage to escape fascist shithole Canada (chinada)
    Will I be subjected to the same attacks by the mass sheep that believe this scamdemic in Costa Rica?

  5. Do know of any captains or recommend any specific fishing companies for a roughly 4 hr fishing trip? (Near or around tamarindo)

  6. My wife is from Managua and we live in Idaho. Starting to seriously think about moving to Guanacaste region of Costa Rica so we can be closer to her family. Thank you so much for such a great video. Although we are a bit older than you, we still feel a bit young at heart and really loved all the things you pointed out in your beautiful adventure and descriptions in this video. Love the doggies. New subscriber. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more content. 💜

  7. I’m in Tamarindo withdrawal so thank you for this video! I’ve been 13 times and one I’ll stay for good. Sincerely, a Canadian that one day hopes to be a Tico 🙂 🤙pura vida

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