Testimonial – Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Costa Rica

Testimonial – Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Costa Rica

MedicalTourismCo.com interviewed Mr. Rychner from Milwaukee, WI in the USA who had a knee operation(total knee replacement) in Hospital Clinica Biblica, San Jose Costa Rica (Costarica). The total knee replacement surgery cost $10,500 (plus travel & lodging expense), compared to the $55,000 that was required for the same in the USA. Surgery savings of about 70% were realized. Uninsured or even insured could benefit from the savings by going for surgery abroad. Medical Tourism Costa Rica is growing at a fast pace. The testimonial also covers the after-surgery care plan and the experience of a foreign country’s medical system. Other orthopedic surgeries like hip replacement, Birmingham hip surgery, shoulder surgery, Terminal Knee Extension, Knee Flexion, Knee Rehabilitation, Unicondylar Knee Replacement, a Knee implant, Partial Shoulder Endoprosthesis, Bunions Surgery Total hip replacement are also performed at the same location. Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates surgery & treatment at world-class international hospitals, clinics & overseas surgery centers. These global medical institutes have expert board-certified doctors, surgeons, specialists & physicians.

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  1. My dad shows up for half a second on this video. He’s behind the man that’s talking and through the window and he has coffee cup in his hand. He works with Medical Tourism.

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