the CORNER modular building you REALLY wanted !!! Corner Boutique Hotel MOC

the CORNER modular building you REALLY wanted !!! Corner Boutique Hotel MOC

Get the instructions here! https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-108787

“Check-in” to the corner modular building that you really wanted! The Lego Boutique Hotel set (Lego 10297) has some great features; however, I was not a fan of its angle that displays the ugly side of the building next to it. So, I decided to convert it into a more traditional corner building. My version uses 1 copy of the Boutique Hotel set (10297) and an additional 406 pieces. An additional parts file is included with the instructions to help you acquire the extra pieces. The instructions are a 598-page PDF document generated from Studio and can be found on Rebrickable.com. Normal and high-resolution instructions are included, as well as a separate parts file for the middle floor, in case you want to go even taller.

I hope you enjoy this Lego Boutique Hotel MOC! I am quite pleased with how it turned out and it should look great in your Lego city!

Get the Lego Boutique Hotel set on Amazon! https://amzn.to/3OlFbfS
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Instructions for the Corner Boutique Hotel: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-108787


  1. Nice MOC! It’s such a shame with the original. The design of the building is fantastic, but the footprint of the building is so awkward.

  2. Great MOC! My copy of this set is still boxed, but I am already planning on extending the building as well. I’ll first build the set using the LEGO instructions, but once I finish the original build, I might consider getting your instructions. When the budget allows it, I will purchase a second copy and make a breakfast area on the ground floor, maybe even and elevator. Lots of ideas!

  3. This is a great design. When you showed that the 3 rooms had to share the bathroom under the stairs it reminded me of a London hostel I stayed in where the bathroom was at the base of the stairs.

  4. That is absolutely awesome. I love it. Though I won’t do any changes to mine I do wish the set had more then 1 bathroom so my guest didn’t have to rush next door to my police station or down the street further to the detectives office to use the bathroom.

  5. This version looks great! I dont like the original set that much because of that odd angle where the art gallery is but this way, is just perfect!

  6. Brilliant work. I’ve now subscribed to your channel.

    I think it was smart to utilise that downstairs space as a small bathroom, but I think I’d have used one of the three middle bedrooms as a joint shower/bathroom for the ‘economy’ guests.

  7. Terrific redesign! Yeah, if there ever was a modular building that just screams “MOC ME” … this one is it! A “Five-Star hotel it ain’t! I think the original designer likely had to leave a lot of stuff out to achieve piece count and/or prices point!

    I have seen that a number of people made modifications to the set. One person mirrored the build and added a pool, hot tub, and bar area, a continental breakfast area in the lobby, a much needed common bathroom for the 2nd floor guests and was toying with making the second art gallery space into either a high end bakery or a gift/sundries shop! Lots of possibilities!

  8. Just got recommended this channel. Not sure if Stonewall refers to the gay people riots, the Civil War general, or a literal wall made of stone.

  9. I like it better. The original felt like it was trying too hard to be cool and delivered less presence. This one has a large classic familiar expected delivery.

  10. Pretty cool redesign! A doorway to the alley / dumpster area could be a nice improvement. Excited to see how it’s going to look in your city!

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