The Culture of Costa Rica LIVE Event

The Culture of Costa Rica LIVE Event

In this video titled “The Culture of Costa Rica” Allen will expose SHOCKING things you didn’t know about the Costa Rican locals. Information that every tourist and those who want to live in Costa Rica should know before coming to Costa Rica.

Attend LIVE on Sun, May 29, at 4 pm Costa Rica


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While most people will say that Ticos (Costa Rica Locals) are the most friendly and kind people…is there an ulterior motive?

Does the culture of Costa Rica have dark secrets you should be aware of?

Why is it that so many houses seem to be locked up in their own penitentiary? Tall walls, fences and concertina wire that looks like it came from enemy lines.

While Costa Rica is beautiful and many of the locals are indeed nice, friendly and non confrontational. It’s not true for all of them.

You can join us for this LIVE Broadcast and discover FACTS that nobody else is exposing.

​To discover videos that NOBODY else talks about….

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My goal is to help answer your questions about “Living in Costa Rica.”
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Some say, “Knowledge is Power” – NOT TRUE…
I say, “Applied Knowledge, that’s Your SuperPower”

You are blessed!
Allen Richa’rd

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Costa Rican Girl Takes Me Into Most Dangerous Barrio in Limon

Wendy takes me into Costa Ricas a conflictive Province in Limon and shows me the Barrio Cieneguita. Costa Rica is a beautiful country but there are some sides behind these beautiful nature. I hope i could give you a little perspective about it. Would you like to see more of this Videos? Please let me know in the comments. ❤
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  1. You should do a video on how expats specifically white Europeans are moving to Puerto Viejo and pricing out the locals who are being forced to move out of the area .

  2. Costa Rica has been going downhill for the past few years. It used to be the pearl of central America, safe and welcoming, but now it’s becoming a bit dangerous, too many pickpockets, petty theft and even robberies at gun point. What has happen to CR?

  3. Ich finde es irgendwie respektlos, immer als erstes zu fragen, ob es gefährlich dort ist..
    Und alle möglichen Leute zu grüßen, obwohl es der Frau doch sichtlich unangenehm ist, finde ich auch ehrlich gesagt ziemlich unangemessen …

  4. Die haben Dich nur deswegen in Ruhe gelassen, weil die sich gedacht haben: Was ist denn das für ein komischer Dödel, der da hö hö hö durch die Strassen marschiert und jeden auf blödeste Art anquatscht, der muss ja nicht ganz dicht sein. Und natürlich hat dir das Mädel geholfen, die ja dort aufgewachsen ist und daher bekannt, der es aber sichtlich peinlich und unangenehm war. Ich übrigens bin auch in Costa Rica aufgewachsen und kenne auch diese Gegend. Und hab mir oft gedacht wenn jemand überfallen wurde: Wie kann man nur so blöde sein.
    Mach Deine nächste "hinter die Kulissen Tour" doch mal nach Pavas, steig einfach in den Bus ein und bei Lomas de Pavas wieder aus. Und mach dann mal ein Video, wenn Du Deine Kamera dann noch hast. Ich finde solchen reißerischen Ghetto-Tourismus schlichtweg zum Kotzen.

  5. Hey dude, people in Costa Rica are sick of the tourists saying “hola, cómo está, pura vida”. Just stop, you don’t speak Spanish and it’s weird. People are literally chilling in their home or minding their own business. They are not the props of your vacation. Respect people and don’t make people uncomfortable.

  6. I love Limón. Been visiting my family there since a child. It’s feels like home! Puerto Viejo is my 3rd home. Its way more developed now but still very chill

  7. I live in the south Bronx nyc … if a white man comes to the hood randomly filming ppl.. the teenagers will empty his pockets n rob him … u can’t just go to global ghettos filming without asking permission first… tht guy is very lucky cause tht kid was probably gonna tell his big homies about him not listening twice

  8. I cannot believe what he just said all you have to do is Google crime in Germany and it will give you the statsI cannot believe what he just said all you have to do is Google crime and Germany and it will give you the stats.

    Type in prostitution in Germany and YouTube and you too and you’ll see for yourself the prostitution to drug dealing.

  9. "In Germany , the kids just play"….unless they’re Jewish. In which case we put them and their parents in gas chambers 😱😒🤔🤨. Learn from the bad behavior of your ancestors and stop being so judgemental, making comparisons , patronizing and condescending. Yes , you were all those things and then some in your 13:35 minutes in Costa Rica.🤫☺😉🤐

  10. This is literally one of the safest counties in the world. What ever crime is there is due to socioeconomic reasons and is far less than anywhere in the world

  11. Who would be happy that they are recording it and claiming false that it is a dangerous neighborhood, it is dangerous like any other. And that girl is sold as she dares to bring foreigners to criticize her people. Congratulations to Germany, but you do NO have half of our advantages.

  12. Well brother I believe you are too friendly and wouldn’t recommend you going out at night. You give off a very fake friendly vibe in my opinion compadre. I’m interested in living out here for the more down to earth lifestyle. I need to find my happiness being the Tarzan my spirit craves

  13. I have not seen any reason thus far for you to be afraid. The kid is the only person that showed some hostility. So what are you talking about. People have spoken to you, No one has treated you badly thus far

  14. I have so many issues with this video and how your trying to paint Limon. You clearly did no research on the area prior to visiting. You are videotaping the locals like they are zoo animals and then questioning why they want to beat your ass. It’s an extremely ignorant video. What were you trying to showcase ?

  15. I almost drowned on the coast of that place, cause they have a wicked draft in the ocean!

    But the people were alright!
    When they don’t forget the music over the drugs, its all good…

  16. Barrio Cieneguita (Pequenha Cienegua) siempre ha tenido una mala reputacion, pero ahi viven muchas personas y buenas familias tambien.

  17. Now you see why you live so well in Germany is because the West has taken so much for the third world. This poverty and so call ghetto is in part at least a result of The West exploitation of that part of the world.

  18. I’m in Ohio in the United States of America and can take you to a neighborhood or two worse than that.

    But I wouldn’t volunteer to take you around to exploit it.

    Oh the privilege.

  19. Bro please don’t get killed. You seem to be rolling the dice with these kinda videos. But at least your tour guide was sorta cute.

  20. That was just exploitation. You should be able to read people if you going to travel like this. That girl was extremely uncomfortable with the goofy way you went about this.

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