The Dark Side Of Living In Costa Rica

The Dark Side Of Living In Costa Rica

Any country you visit will have crime. Costa Rica is no different, and although it’s usually presented to tourists as being a very safe place, a lot of violent crime still goes on. My intention with this video is not to scare anyone off from wanting to visit or live here. It’s to make people aware it’s not all Pura Vida ‘rainbows and sunshine.’ You need to use common sense when getting around, and use more caution than you might at home (same as you would visiting any country).

Having said all that, there’s far more positives to Costa Rica than negatives. If you’re serious about moving here, and want to hear directly from expats who’ve lived here for years, attorneys, and other relocation experts, I’m putting a 7 day live event to give you all the information you need. It will take place at a beachfront resort in Costa Rica. In the mornings, you’ll be learning in a conference room. In the afternoons, I’ll show you some of the best sights and activities Costa Rica has to offer. Find out more about dates, location, activities and speakers at:
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15 Best reasons NOT to retire to Costa Rica! Don't live in Costa Rica!

15 Best reasons NOT to retire to Costa Rica! Don’t live in Costa Rica! In this vlog, I talk about the many reason’s why Costa Rica may not be your place of retirement. It’s always best to hear the good and the bad of living anywhere before you go. Tell me what you think of the 15 reason’s not to retire to Costa Rica and comment below!


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  1. Power and water outages are no way near as common as in Nicaragua, Honduras or the Dominican Republic, that is wrong. Costa Rica has good quality and constant utilities. Even in Miami do we get outages sometimes when there is a storm.

  2. Francamente no entiendo, no sé si se trata de una ironía o un truco publicitario. Es un video de un cuarto de hora lleno de nuestras bellezas naturales muchas de ellas únicas, las que disfrutan todos los días nacionales y visitantes. Para fines de retirarse, lo pueden hacer donde quieran, no obstante no se trata de hacer absurdas comparaciones con otros paises porque cada cual tiene lo suyo, el nuestro tiene biodiversidad, historia, estabilidad, mucha paz y el mejor café del mundo!. Claro que tenemos defectos, pero trabajamos todos los dias para mejorar. Bienvenidos sean, gracias por visitarnos y habitar en el paraíso! Un abrazo!

  3. You get heat and humidity on the coastal areas, but the central valley is cool year round, you never need AC or heating, open windows, floor or ceiling fan or a blanket for the night and early mornings will do you just fine

  4. This guy give a very good video and a very good description of everything I would not buy a house down there rent maybe but never buy a house you see a lot of houses on the market that are fully furnished because the people got sick living there and they walked out the door

  5. Half of your list seem to be issues that people bring with them, being impatient, being snobs, not budgeting their income, even being racist. Your list should be much shorter.

  6. 0:04 "long stretches of white sand beaches" Bruh, you ever been to Costa Rica yourself??? 
    Most beaches in Costa Rica are brown or dark gray sand beaches, white beaches are so rare I never saw one, and I am from Costa Rica originally!

  7. Costa Rica is very expensive. Colombia is cheaper and I think it’s better. People are great and ladies so so beautiful. Yes it’s dangerous but so are many places. Just be sensible.

  8. The old saying. Wanna be a millionaire in Costa Rica? Take two million with you. I am 56 years old. My first wife was Tica. Very educated and from a wealthy coffee plantation family. We had one son who now is 32 and lives in Florida. I started going to Costa Rica in 1990. It was heaven. I did get divorced from my first wife shortly after. I lived there on and off for 32 years of my life. 5 years ago I moved back looking for paradise again. What I found was exactly what you stated in your video. EXPENSIVE, CRIME AND BUREAUCRACY. I left one year after. Don’t think I’ll ever go back. My wife is a Tica and she feels the same. Oh and by the way NEVER go into business with a Tico unless you have full control of the business. I’ve made this mistake one to many times. Getting a patente is easy. Trying to shut it down us hell. The government is horrible and very corrupted and will drain every dime it can from you. Word to the wise. Do not retire in Costa Rica.

  9. Are there REALLY cockroaches the size of your hand? I’ve seen some roaches in my day, but… 🤯 Can’t speak to the validity of the OP’s points, but his choice of language seems so utterly skewed in the negative.

  10. guys, whatever you do, don’t EVER VISIT CHICAGO!! it gets SO COLD in winter, the cab drivers are rude and drive slow, it’s expensive, the hotels are always full, and there is CRIME HERE!! :O

    says every person in every big city in the ENTIRE WORLD 😛 yet i don’t see NYC, Chicago, or LA losing their appeal.

  11. Some of these things apply to any country in general and the other thing is it’s common sense when it comes to saving and don’t spend everyday like you on vacation

  12. Coasts Rrica, is but a glorified overrated country….!! Some folks find it superb. Some folks see the truth of it….!!

  13. Great points, very helpful. Best tip is probably to rent for a few YEARS then buy if you still love it. For me, 6 months of rainy reason is a deal breaker for year round but the nice 6 months works out great as it’s my winter. So 6 months each place might be perfect.for me a 🇨🇦.

  14. I was in Costa Rica in 2007 and during a traffic license check they gave me a ticket because i did not have my passport with me
    i have a valid driving license from the US but they did not care for it !!
    That shows what kind of Police they have out on the street !!

  15. If something is not true is your Tico Time. This people is always fast and you get gooood service everywhere. And I mean even far places. You are so wrong. !!!

  16. Ed, from Fort Lauderdale Fla, now in NANDAYURE Guanacaste, your Right on 15, 13, 12, 9,8,7,6,4,3,1,, and Rong on ,14,10,5,

  17. I’ve been listening to the "reasons to" in videos and audio and I appreciate your list of "reasons NOT to." I want to know the ugly sides about this and other countries that so many other vloggers don’t talk about. I just started my research on where to move and some of your reasons are issues I hadn’t considered and need to.

    I appreciate hearing the "ugly" truth as much as the good so I can make an informed decision down the road. Thanks.

  18. This video seems to be directed to people who won’t be happy living anywhere in the world and walk around in life with a ‘perma-stick’ up their a$$.

  19. also looking for a good rental close to the beach 2 bedroom Plus preferably expat community 1000- $1,500 mth. wt pool

  20. ED, from Fort Lauderdale Fla, Your ,85,%,right, coming to C,R, since 1994, and Living in C,R, since 2017, in NANDAYURE, Guanacaste, the NOMBRE ONE THING you have to LEARN IS TO LET EVERYTHING FOR TOMORROW, learn to just take it easy no one is in a hurry to do things , Banks office Government workers, everything is like for ever, unce you learn that, then you be happy,

  21. 4:40 Costa Rica makes you an alcoholic LOLOLOLOL
    Mosquitoes? Bruh, there are more mosquitoes in Florida! 
    Sometimes you can’t even step outside because there are clouds of mosquitoes in your backyard in Miami lol

  22. l love my beautiful country ❤ the best place to live and visit especially the gorgeous beaches PERIODT … my mother owns a home and my family lives rather well… l love the rain !!! l love the heat which is not hot!

  23. I agree with everyone who says this guy is WRONG. Fantastic weather, short rainy season where the rain typically comes in the evening, ants & mosquitoes, forget it, no problem. Crime? Just be smart. We just bought our second place in Guanacaste and the experience has been tremendous. Rental income is generous and available if you want it. Please pronounce Costa Rica correctly! Pura Vida!

  24. #3 is accurate and needs to be taken seriously. Most everyone here in Costa Rica is looking for someone to help them undo the mistake they made of having overpaid for the property they are now selling. Ask yourself these two questions: How much house can someone buy if their average monthly income is 1500 USA dollars? How much can someone borrow if the average interest rate for a mortgage is 9 to 11 percent?

  25. No one in Costa Rica will go to prison for harvesting rainwater from their own roof. That is freed and it is priceless.

  26. “People are too nice and will yow your ear off.” What normal human being thinks that “people are too nice.” This is unfortunately the mindset of A LOT North Americans.

  27. I would not buy a house there that is one of the reasons I own my own boat 50 foot Columbia 50 I can sail down there drop anchor and what I don’t like it I can go home buying a house down there is too risky you’ll get sick of living down there and then good luck selling your house

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