The REAL Cost Of Modular Homes NOW!

The REAL Cost Of Modular Homes NOW!

The real cost of modular homes may vary from state to state but there are some good guidelines to follow if you are budgeting for a new modular home. Modular construction over the past couple of years isn’t the same as it was even two years back and you will need to really weigh out your options if you are looking for an affordable housing option. In this video, we will compare modular home construction to manufactured homes and traditional stick-built construction to see at this time which one has the best bargain for your buck.
The VERY COSTLY Differences Between Modular and Manufactured Homes
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  1. Kristina! This is so incredibly helpful. I am a brand new agent (just waiting for my license to be delivered) and this is a wonderful education for me so that down the road I can be a better advocate for and partner to my clients. Also, this is so timely – my sister is currently considering building a modular home. Thank you for your thoughtful wisdom on this topic!

  2. I work in manufactured/modular retail. This last year especially, many customers have been getting priced out of a modular project that they had in mind. On the note of the "hybrid" mods you were talking about, I’ll first ask a customer how important having a basement is to them – if they don’t mind having a slab underneath, I’ll tell them that we could do a doublewide with full drywall interior, and a 5/12 pitch on the roof. So it still will be a manufactured home and need to have a title registered (gotta love NYS!) but be essentially indistinguishable from a modular. Even after adding in the cost of the drywall and 5/12 components with the factory (and labor on delivery), the cost ends up being about $35-50k cheaper doing it this way. I wouldn’t personally call it a hybrid, as that feels a bit misleading, but I think it’s helped quite a few of my customers get into a home they love without overstretching the budget they have to work with!

  3. I was in contract to build a house, they upped the price 250k while I was waiting for my county to approve permits. I lost my deposit and my construction loan.

  4. Been watching Boxabl. Have you heard of any negative in the build? Very high shipping cost for east coast customers

  5. My wife and I recently looked into a modular home. Even before buying the land it was more expensive than just buying a house. I was really disappointed. We’re just gonna have to wait for prices to come back down.

  6. I could not agree more with your comments. Now is not the time to buy a modular home. We did, what a nightmare! We were supposed to have the house in the beginning of December 2021 and finally got the house April 11, 2022. Or close to 40% over budget including a 12% surcharge for lumber and a surcharge for fuel. I was disappointed in the quality of construction given to factory environment in which it was built. No excuse for walls not being plum and stairs they don’t match in height. We did our inspection walk-through and I found close to 50 items which were unsatisfactory. Been waiting two weeks for a response.

  7. The numbers you gave 3 years ago were BS to begin with. But your clickbait image going from $50k to $250k overnight is total BS. This video is simply MORE BS. When does the BS end Kristina?

  8. I recently retired and moved to Georgia. I have property and am trying to decide between, Modular, Manufacture or stick built home. I was really leaning towards Modular but after watching this am now not so sure. I don’t need to start immediately but would like to have it completed and start enjoying retired life. Do you foresee it getting better within a few years?

  9. Honestly with what the cost of things right now. I wouldn’t build a house at all. Whole market is about to collapse. Inflation plus the fed getting ready to raise intrest rates is going to cost the market to crash bad.

  10. My husband and I are set on modular due to the fact that we ate younger, so chances are high we might have to move years down the road and would want it to retain its value and be easier to sell.

  11. Modern home building is junk – cannot compare to the insulation and quality of the older concrete homes.

  12. This was a great video. I am looking to renovate a 70+ year old small house. Due to local regulations I cannot tear down and rebuild on the same spot, so my only option is to renovate. It is a 3-5 year wait to get on the list with local general contractors. I was considering modular for the renovation, but it will still need contractors for the installation.

  13. Thank you. Very informative! We are considering manufactured or modular home here in California. Let’s all say thank you to Global shutdowns, Mandates, Government spendings, Biden-flation & Biden gas prices lol..👍🏻

  14. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much forvthis video. Super informative! I was thinking 9f building a new home as I have a very distinct floorplan in mind. But, a friend told me about modular homes. Something I’d never heard of before. If anything I’d want a luxury modular home, if such a thing exists.

  15. Kristina, do some research into yurts and earthship homes. I live in southern Colorado where there is minimal rain and winters are relatively short and mild. Insulated yurts are becoming popular as temporary housing, especially among young people who own land but need to save additional money before building.

    Earthships are being built out of everything from adobe to dirt-filled tires or plastic bottles. If built in a rural area, they require initial investment in a septic system, well (or cistern) and solar or wind power. Passive solar allows for free heating; active solar or windmills power batteries to run a well pump and electric appliances. When completed, earthship homes are inexpensive to operate and are environmentally friendly. In some states there are government programs available to help with the cost of purchasing or installing solar panels. Homeowners living in a sunny locale can generate enough electricity to power not only their home, but an electric car as well. Some, with large solar arrays, make money by selling electricity back to the local power company.

    As the cost of home ownership continues to increase, and demand for affordable homes outpaces supply, Americans will be forced to think outside the box in regard to home construction. This also means that lenders are going to be pressured to reconsider financing for unconventional homes.

  16. My husband and I have land but are trying to find a solution for putting a house on it in North Dakota. I can’t find any modular home retailers that have reviews! We’ve thought about doing a kit just to get a shell up but everything seems difficult to confirm and have shipping to such a “far away” state as ND. I wish there was an Amazon review but for housing!

  17. Great, informative video! What do you think of buying a modular home that was completed before the supply chain issues?

  18. Inflation is just one rich guy digging in other less richer guys pocket then the less rich guy does it to the next economic molestation

  19. I own my own land and looking into modular though at this time with prices been holding back, have you any experience with Panelized home builders, looking at Landmark Home and land company.

  20. I literally hit the subscribe button when she jumped infront of the green screen. I love it! Great knowledge !

  21. Thanks for the great information! I’ve been weighing the option between stick built and modular, and I’ve checked out several builder’s websites that advertise they build manufactured and modular homes. Looking at their offered floor plans, many of them are just manufactured homes and not modular. Do you happen to know any reputable modular home builders in Georgia?

  22. I’ve wanted to build my dream for some time. As soon as that dream became realistic inflation hit. At some point some things have to deflect to the downside. Right now I know for a fact this going beyond a supply chain issue and is now simply corporate greed from manufactures. I know some things will come down but quite a few won’t. We are entering a new era in economics whether folks like it or not. Sadly we badly need an exudus in the housing market and major industries. But when? How long? How much? This is soul crushing.

  23. The term "affordable" is thrown around so casually it really does depend on where the customer intends to live or work. That price might seem exorbitant to someone who is thinking along the lines of less than $5,000 all matters taken care of. But someone who is accustomed to paying too much for a home from a part of the country where everything costs too much wouldn’t bat an eyelash at spending one quarter million dollars or more for a place to call home.

  24. If you would not buy a modular home, which is the most affordable way to build a house in terms of the design?

  25. Our quote for a stick built home was $100k more than a modular home. And modular is about $60k over a manufactured but they charge a lot more on interest for manufactured so it ends up being about the same over time.

    Just depends on where you are I guess??

  26. First, THANK YOU for making videos about manufactured and modular homes!! My only request as a manufactured home retailer in CA is to refer to the state you quote figures from for permits and construction. Many people start their research online and end up with realistic expectations based on these figures. We here in CA are EXPENSIVE to do everything – Thank you tax man, workman’s comp, etc. Again – Thank you for your channel!!

  27. Unfortunately modular construction in Australia is 3 to 5k a sqm as where average standard method prices are 1 to 2k. Of course anything thats not a cookie cutter will cost more.

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