The REAL Reasons Expats Leave Costa Rica Within 2 Years MUST SEE!

The REAL Reasons Expats Leave Costa Rica Within 2 Years MUST SEE!

#LivinginCostaRica #Expats #CostofLiving ‘The REAL Reasons Expats Leave Costa Rica Within 2 Years MUST SEE!’ Why do folks from around the world decide to move to Costa Rica and make a life in Costa Rica only to leave 2 to 5 years later? What is the cost of living in Costa Rica? Cn a person on a budget life in Costa Rica and have a good life? Theree are so many videos on YouTube about the Cost of living in Costa Rica and even more videos about why people move to Costa Rica and then leave Costa Rica. Check OUT this video to find out these answers, ‘The REAL Reasons Expats Leave Costa Rica Within 2 Years MUST SEE!’

Want to get a good idea if Costa Rica is right for you? Check OUT these videos and you will know within the hour if you should pursue a life in Costa Rica or NOT.

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Obviously I have more. Check out the ‘Living Here’ playlist for much much more.

First, what brings Costa Rica to mind? Why do people choose to live in Costa Rica. This from the Tico Times-

International Living names Costa Rica as best retirement destination in 2021

“International Living, a United States-based publication specializing in — you guessed it — living internationally, named Costa Rica as the world’s best place to retire in 2021.

Costa Rica ranks first on International Living’s list, which also names Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador in a Latin America-heavy top-10.

Why Costa Rica? According to Kathleen Evans, International Living’s Costa Rica correspondent, the Central American country “attracts millions of visitors and foreign residents throughout the year with its tropical climate; lower cost of living; friendly locals; affordable medical care; vast real estate options; and, of course, its natural beauty.”

“One of the things you hear often from expats is how warm and welcoming the Ticos are,” Evans writes. “You will also find engaging international communities of expats who will help you through the process of acclimation.”

It is articles (advertisements really) that help put Costa Rica on everyones radar, especially retirees. Who doesn’t like affordable health care, great weather, real estate options, friendly people and all that natural beauty Costa Rica has to offer?

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I hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘The REAL Reasons Expats Leave Costa Rica Within 2 Years MUST SEE!’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica very soon. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica NOW.com PURA VIDA.


  1. It’s not about doing or not doing your homework, it’s about all of us not having the ability to comprehend the reality of a situation when we’re doing our homework. If everything always worked out as planned, the world would be a different place. I find your vulgar language and accusatory tone offensive. If you are an example of expat attitudes, Costa Rica is off my list.

  2. I was intrigued by your video, but you can edit out the cat stuff! We are here for content and not to see your wonderful relationship with your cat. Sorry… I stopped and moved on.

  3. Costa Rica has plenty Problems to point Out,such as No a Garbaje system,or rules about how to Deal with Trash,stead of making Videos about all of those differents Problems,why don’t you make videos with ideas or solutions to all of those problems,I bet a lot of Costarricans would appreciated it a lot….

  4. but he’s right. Many a times business expectations are just not met. People blow their money and turn back home.

  5. You’re right, it’s due to people not being able to adjust. They expect it to be like where they came from. It takes a certain person to be able to chill out and enjoy the country. I spent my winters there for 5 years and spent $10K/per trip, living at the beach. Crime was an issue for some but mostly towards tourist.

  6. fucking Great video!!! You tell it like it is…. I appreciate you "Being Real". Thank you for such an amazing video

  7. Costa Rica sucks michael.

    I’ll tell you the real reason people leave Costa Rica by turning your attention to an article which was a blog started from 2014 that people are still commenting on. Google, five shitty things no one tells you about Costa rica. And read the 80 or so comments critically. The last comment was made in I think November of 2021. And it’s contents describe only a little bit of a hell that I’ve suffered in this country. I stay here only because I have a son that was born here by somebody who married me and scammed me and took my child away from me which happens all the time and I will not leave my son. And the hell that I’ve gone through trying to get access to my son, visitation and custody of my son. Costa Rica is a disgrace. And I’ve heard many frustrated people with pretty rough stories. Costa Ricans act like friendly people but are not friendly people they hate all foreigners. We foreigners are the prey and Costa Ricans are the predators. There are exceptions but very few. And the red tape that Michael talks about if you ever need any help from the courts they always protect the criminals. People in government who are responsible to uphold the loss make the laws all the time lying to you to confuse you so that you’ll fail. That’s part of a good tape they always fight with criminals. I know that doesn’t make sense and it’s counterintuitive to the uninitiated. But it’s true. Costa Rica is hell. Run like hell. People leave to get away from more than the crap that’s mentioned in this suggested revealing blog five shitty things no one tells you about Costa Rica. Costa Rica and it’s people make Costa Rica simply a horrible country. You wouldn’t believe what this country’s done to my baby child and myself. I’m a father and I can’t get close to my child because of the law and the hideous people that live here. Not because of me. It’s about what these people are capable of evil doing horrible things to innocent people. READ the blog and open your eyes.. If you don’t believe me read the article and the comments critically and do some real research. Cuz there’s a lot of other horror stories out on the internet out there stuck in between all the mass of lying positive propaganda BS. We all know what BS stands for. I happen to like what the host of this channel, Michael, is doing, he’s got a lot on the ball but I can give you a whole storm of reasons you may not be aware of, to avoid coming to Costa Rica at all costs. Unsuspecting people come to Costa Rica and very often lose everything they have and sometimes their lives. And they go through significant personality changes and can’t take it anymore so they leave. No disrespect to Michael. I want to tell my own story , a story that all the horror movies you’ve ever watched could never equal. I’d like Michael to do a YouTube video on what I have experienced. And I’ve got documentation to back everything up. And I also desperately need help and support. I’m not asking for help and support here I’m just telling that I desperately need help. I’ve been in a bitter struggle to survive and stay alive, just to see my child and give my child a father. So for an hour and a half on my birthday in December 21 after 2 years of not seeing my son missing his life he missing life with his father Miss missing having his father, it took from the time my son was a year and a half until about 3 years and 9 months old a two-year span before I could see my son one time for an hour and a half. The only reason the judge allowed it is because my lawyer who is a criminal and family lawyer and a good one, had the balls and threatened to sue the judge if she didn’t. She tried to block me because I’m a man. Fortunately my son remembered me incredibly walked over hugged me and kissed me after I explained to him why I hadn’t been around for 2 years. It’s because I don’t know where my son lives. And it’s because I had to this day no idea where he lives. But the court purposely moved very slowly and in an interview I could explain all of this.But when the judge got threatened she got on the phone with my estranged wife’s lawyer and demanded to know how to contact her. It was at the last minute on my birthday at 7:30 in the morning my new lawyer called me and told me that at 8:00 a.m. an hour and 15 minutes from where I live I had visitation and I had to pick my son up at the court and the mother insisted on coming with us and she was nasty. She told the court to tell me not to touch or hug my son cuz my son would be terrified and cry. But when he walked over to Me with arms wide Open after my explanation and hugged me and kissed me and remembered me the mother was proven a liar. Consistent support women to do this purposely. This is human trafficking in Costa rica. And Costa Rica has no respect for human rights. This is a business where a woman has a child with a man and as many as they can get pregnant with and then demands a pension paid for child support and alimony and you don’t get to see your child ever, and they block your passport so you can never leave until your child is 18 and into his twenties if studying. The courts granted with no evidence. The courts also Grant restraining orders against men without evidence. You become a human slave. So my advice to men coming here who want to have sex with Costa Ricas beautiful women, cut your balls off first. Otherwise you may end up in jail. Trust me men you would be better off to cut your balls off then go to jail here. I’ve never been in jail here except for the time when my wife lied to the court and I ended up in on a Sunday when my son was in the hospital for malnutrition she got me falsely arrested and I got out at the end of the day because they figured out she was lying and I was lucky enough to be able to prove it. But she got no consequences. This is a matriarchal society and most of the judges are female and my lawyer calls them feminazis. And if you don’t pay the child support you end up in debtors prison. And nobody gets out of debtors prison. This is just scratching the surface. Let’s talk about what’s really wrong with Costa Rica and it’s people and the red tape and the purposeful sabotaging and breaking of their own laws purposely that the officials including prosecutors and judges do to foreigners to let the criminals win, and all the very dangerous people that are welcome here
    with open arms like pedophiles and murderers. I can substantiate this. People escaping their past. I’ve seen the government help a pedophile. This is no joke. The reason you want to leave after 2 to 5 years is cuz it takes a long time of getting screwed enough and suffering the bureaucracy and the horrible customer service and the lazy attitude of the Costa Rican people who hate foreigners all foreigners but actually friendly to suck your money out of you. There is talk about petty crime there’s serious crime here real estate fraud murders it’s a police state constantly stopping cars demanding bribes. The police are useless you can hire them to rob people. You can hire killers to murder people. if you can’t afford to live in a gated community with armed guards if the armed guards are honest a lot of times they tell the thieves dangerous thieves with guns which houses to rob. There’s a reason why almost every business and home has bars across the windows and doors. I could go on and on and on. For people who can afford the gated communities and armed guards love it’s here well maybe a few of them. I personally know some people who are so sick of this place their desperately trying to sell and get out. Yes Michael I would love to do an interview with you and I give you a friendly dare to put my story out there. Maybe even my Nicaraguan born lawyer who’s awesome will talk with you. There’s only one lawyer who’s a decent human being in the whole country and that’s my new lawyer. An old ones first set of lawyers are hired set me up and it turns out that they are related to my son’s mother and screwed us up.There’s not enough room here to talk about what I’m struggling with now. Give me a chance give me an interview. If people know the real truth about Costa Rica there may be a way to pressure the government to make laws to actually protect people emotionally psychologically physically financially. Costa Rica is an extraordinarily dangerous place in important ways. You can think I’m some kind of a nut. And say well this guy’s an idiot. But what if I’m not? Read the article do your research. Michael is not giving you the whole story and then they should be because he doesn’t know it. Remember I’m just scratching the surface . Michael’s telling you that that old people get to the front of the line at the back. But they’re not telling you is that it takes one to two hours to make a simple deposit or do anything any kind of business at the bank and the bad people usually screwed up. Thanks you’re not supposed to screw up. People Waste their lives in the banks. And try to run a small business here it’s almost impossible. The government is very small business unfriendly. Costa Rica is a country that will cause you enormous pain. I may not survive. And my son may lose his father forever.

  8. Looking for racism ?
    In Costa Rica , it was illegal for black folks to live anywhere but the Caribbean Coast until 1962.
    Looking of eco tourism ?
    Costa Rica treats only 3% of its sewage. The rest goes into the ground, into the rivers, into the lakes, and directly onto many of its horribly polluted beaches.
    Costa Rica is a beautiful country that exceeds in lies and corrupt politicians who run on public platform’s including slogans like: "Menos Malo". { Less Bad )
    What works in Costa Rica ? Strong laws against "slander" that prevents truths about its incredibly corrupt politicians being called out for their dirty corruption and self enrichment.
    These are truths I learned by living in this beautiful, crime ridden nation for 12 years.

    ~ Signed : Loren Salazar, past resident, Arenal, Costa Rica.

  9. I would say yes and no to that.
    It’s a great country but you a dealing with a lot of third world country stuff but paying the price of a first world one.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an incredible place but it can get frustrating. In other countries you get even worse roads but you deal with it cause you are living super cheap.

  10. Great video as always Mike! Always straight to the point and honest. Much appreciated! 👍💯✨

  11. Mike keep it raw. No sweet talk. Keep it real.

    We are planning to move down there and your info although sometimes hard to get to the point (lol) it has a lot of good real day to day information.


  12. You are hysterical! Love your attitude! Let’s be real- you really don’t feel too sad because ppl are leaving…..more room for those who belong- whoever that may be. LMAO! Would love to talk – feel I can def get he real answers I want.

  13. I came here with my online job almost 6 years ago and for a good part of my day that means I’m just simply in a different location. I don’t aspire to built a house here, a business or drive a car. My only contact with the bureaucracy is crossing borders. I have rented a little furnished house and could just leave the country forever anytime I want. I like it here. I have no reason not to like it. I didn’t come with expectations of paradise although having no winter here and all that lush nature is just wonderful. I don’t know what other expats are coming here for. I for myself could less and less stand my home country and what’s becoming of it (Germany) and knew I just had to be somewhere else. I liked Finland and Spain just as much before I came here (well no, I liked Finland more than Spain and prefer Costa Rica over Spain). I’m here on a travel visa which means I gotta leave every 90 days. I then travel for 4 weeks, be it through Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru etc. etc. Sometimes I take a vacation, sometimes I just keep working online. I’m seeing so many new places thanks to that 90 days limit, I don’t know if would travel that much without it. The past 6 years have been the most interesting in my life and Costa Rica is a great base to keep exploring and a nice comfortable home too. What else do you need?

  14. All things considered, safety IS AN ISSUE no matter who you are in Costa Rica. You can’t own anything bc everyone wants it and you risk your life. I lived there 15 years and couldn’t get out fast enough. I had PTSD from safety issues. I never wore jewelry and would put my money in my shoes. It’s some serious stuff, if you aren’t from a city with crime in USA and are not used to watching over your shoulder, even while you sleep, then don’t bother. Money wise…you can budget but then that puts you out there in sketchy places.

  15. Good breakdown. Ill take a look at ur other vids. May have some other qiestions for you as it pertains to relocation. I agree, passive income or a business idea thats perpetual is key when relocating.

  16. 15:49 you’re right when you say "you know you’re leaving your family …" , I think it’s a dumb excuse

  17. I’m sure people leave because they are sick of people trying to rip them off. Living near Tamarindo this is a real issue. You’ll get contractors that will triple the price because you are a gringa. There are stores that don’t put prices on things and expats pay more than ticos.

    Alot of dishonesty when it comes to daily living. It was really hard to navigate here when we arrived. Finally, we found a good contractor with fair pricing, and we avoid buying groceries from any place that doesn’t scan a upc code.

    But it’s hard to feel like the people in Costa Rica are friendly when the only questions they have are about your financial status, as to how to try to take advantage. Coming from the punk scene in the states, never in my life has anyone ever asked any question about finances. We ask about musical interests or passions(hint, almost all punk rockers are poor).

    Getting sized up by everyone from the clerk at the appliance store, to the tour guide who I never had met knowing my name, where I live and all kinds of info is concerning.

    I sold everything to move here and I’ve invested everything I had into opening my business. It’s disheartening that the majority of the ticos you will interact with look at you as an opportunity to try to take advantage of or try to make money off of you. I don’t know if it’s like that everywhere or just in the tama area.

  18. New subscriber. Love your videos 🙂 my only hesitation is red tape for me and my daughter to gain residency. Advise if you can put me at ease 🙂

  19. Hello Michael. I been here a year. I agree with all you say.

    I am at Quepos, it is a cute little spot.

    Thank you for the video 😀

  20. Yes. I would agree – misbudgeting. Huge. (Living an american lifestyle abroad). Travel does not fit into a $1000 month budget. Travel for border runs, sightseeing or for personal matters abroad – it adds up quickly. Unknown costs such as repeated and endless car repairs are a big budget buster. Learning the ropes in a different country can be costly.

  21. Michael, I have just watched a video on buying a property in Rosarito BC, Mexico…the difference is huge in advantages of all types…it’s just 15 minutes from the USA by car, the quality of the constructions is similar or even better than in the USA…the medical services avilable are first world and much, much cheaper that in the USA, etc. etc. etc…the usual excuse is that is dangerous which I checked with retirees in the area and is just not true…ok, so, what is the point of recommending buying and living in CR when after retirees find out how a scam that country is they get back just after two years in there…

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