The Rise Of Medical Tourism | Why People Travel For Healthcare

The Rise Of Medical Tourism | Why People Travel For Healthcare

Medical tourism is a type of tourism that is on the rise around the world. Coming in many different shapes and forms, medical tourism is often sought by people in search of reduced priced cosmetic surgery, better healthcare systems than what is available to them in their home country or to obtain access to facilities or procedures that are not available to them at home. But what exactly is medical tourism and what does it look like? In this video I teach you all about the medical tourism industry and why it is growing so fast around the world!

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Time stamps-

00:00 Introduction to medical tourism
00:43 What is medical tourism?
01:39 Reasons to be a medical tourist
02:19 Types of medical tourism
04:00 Medical tourism companies
04:45 Popular medical tourism destinations

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  1. Many foreigners use the services of APOLLO HOSPITALs ,the fact is the Apollo hospitals are very expensive hospitals for indians .there are other hospitals which can be done at HAIF price or much lesser than .

  2. Thanks a lot for your kind reply on You tube regarding “Medical Tourism” in India. Yes, India is a hub for the medical tourism, these days many countries people are coming for the treatment. We provide following facilities in general :
    1. If we receive any inquiry from the patients as generally they have before the treatment, we let it be explained from the specialized doctor in that line.
    2. We will choose the “Hospital” as per the patient’s medical & economical requirement.
    3. We will get the “Invitation Letter” issued from the hospital for the issuing of visa in the home country of patient through the Indian Embassy.
    4. We will receive the patient and his accompanied persons at the “Airport” and take them to Hospital and arrange suitable “Hotel Facility” for the accompanied.
    5. One of our “Interpreters” will remain with the patient if required for the translation of language.
    6. If they want to go ‘Market’ or ‘City Tour’, we will arrange.
    7. We will arrange even “India Tour” for any other city of India as per their choice.
    8. We also share the benefits to the ‘Hospital’ or ‘Doctor’ or ‘agency’ who help the patients to bring them to India for the treatment, for their efforts.
    9. After the successful treatment, Inshallah, we will drop them at the ‘Airport’ & say “Fi Aman Allah” (Good Bye).
    Rizwan Khan
    +91- 9650 5880 72 (wup)

  3. Your article made me suddenly realize that I am writing a thesis on gate.io. After reading your article, I have a different way of thinking, thank you. However, I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.

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