The Truth About Costa Rica Real Estate Prices | #CostaRicaMatt

The Truth About Costa Rica Real Estate Prices | #CostaRicaMatt

The Costa Rica real estate market is plagued by the fact that there is no MLS (although one has been launched recently). Anyone moving to Costa Rica will see that prices for real estate can be all over the map, and often times, an asking price for a property seems unreasonably high.

I’m glad to report that you *can* find comp data for real estate, and that there is a way to understand the fair market value for a home, condo or lot for sale in Costa Rica!

In this live #CostaRicaChat with #CostaRicaMatt we will discuss pricing in #CostaRicaRealEstate – here’s what we’ll cover:

00:00 Start
02:59 The Costa Rica real estate macro dynamic – supply vs. demand
08:30 Location, location, location
10:57 Real estate prices – 2019-22 – a look at exemplary data
17:05 How to find cheap Costa Rica real estate

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  1. The irony is with rates doubling in the states most markets are very cold up north and this is just beginning to play out. Time will tell what this might mean in guanacaste, if any. Sounds like it was tied very closely to the states last time. Of course there are more flights, the airport is so much bigger etc this time.

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