The Ukraine Wasn't an Option- Costa Rica for Dental Implants

The Ukraine Wasn't an Option- Costa Rica for Dental Implants

#dentalsurgery #implants #dentaltourism ‘The Ukraine Wasn’t an Option- Costa Rica for Dental Implants’. Edina is from the Ukraine but lives in Washington State in the US, now. She needed to fix her teeth. She couldn’t go back to the Ukraine now for obvious reasons. She has vacationed in Costa Rica 5 times so she is familiar with the country. Edina has been watching our videos for some time now and was familiar with our friend, Johnny, who is our ‘go to’ guy when it comes to anything, medical tourism or dental tourism. He knows the doctors, he’s vetted them and he’s transparent. Edina reached out to Johnny and Johnny did what he does. Check it out Edina’s experience. ‘The Ukraine Wasn’t an Option- Costa Rica for Dental Implants’.

If you need to get your grill fixed ie. implants, braces, veneers, caps or anything to do with your mouth, Costa Rica might be a great option. Of course there’s other places to go but nothing better than being in a beautiful country while getting your grill worked on. And at about a third of the price. Now that’s a great deal. Oh, and quality work. I got my braces off last year and couldn’t be happier. Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in the world for Medical Tourism. Health Tourism in Costa Rica is cheaper (not always the cheapest), but with superb quality outcome, excellent patient care, top-notch doctors and nurses and the latest technology and equipment and not to mention one of the most beautiful locations to recover in, all make Costa Rica a popular destination for things like- dental implants, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, preventive medicine, stem cell therapy, Orthopedics and Gynecology, hip replacement, spine/back surgery, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentation and many more. And the fact is, it is usually quite cheaper for most things than it is in the United States 50%-70% cheaper. Just being as cost effective as it it makes Costa Rica a top medical tourism destination. Just FYI- the most popular ‘tourism’ in Costa Rica is Dental Tourism- implants, cosmetic dentistry, caps, veneers, braces, teeth cleaning etc.

But how do you navigate all this internet information about medical tourism in another country such as Costa Rica? Yes, you can do it yourself which may have a little luck involved but my guy, Johnny knows the field; good doctors, bad doctors, who has malpractice insurance and who doesn’t, who uses the latest equimpment or who skimps, where is that particular service or specialty cheaper? . Do you need handholding… just a little help or a lot of help? Want to mix your ‘medical tourism’ with a vacation, Johnny can also make that happen. Johnny is a face, a name, someone you can talk to personally. He is also transparent. There will be no surprises and he will be up front and honest as to your particular situation.

They come for the affordable prices, convenient travel options and short wait times and a beautiful exotic destination, these people are getting the dental work, specialty surgeries, and check ups that they need. The doctors are high-quality (many trained in the U.S.) and the facilities are top-notch. There are many reasons why people travel for medical procedures. The following are the most common:

-Due to inefficiencies in the healthcare system of their home country, there may be extensive wait times for a procedure. For example, in Canada, where in 2012 the average wait time between referral and procedure was just about 18 weeks- yikes. Cost is obviously another big factor.

-More often than not, the cost of a procedure in Costa Rica is around half the price of the same or similar procedure at home—even with the extra cost of travel, patients still save a great deal of dollars.

-Insurance factors into the decision also. Some people may be uninsured or underinsured, or want elective surgeries that their insurance provider doesn’t or will not cover the cost of. In situations such as these, people travel abroad to receive treatment that would be too expensive at home.

The following list compiles the most common specialties and procedures done in Costa Rica:

Dentistry: implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures

Plastic surgeons: plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery

Orthopedic surgeons: hip, knee, and shoulder replacements

Dermatologists: laser removals, Botox

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I hope you ENjoYed this video, ‘The Ukraine Wasn’t an Option- Costa Rica for Dental Implants’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica along with your new smile. 🙂 Pura Vida.


  1. Great video!! I just left that Costa Rica. I’m back in Florida now. This dentist is everything and more than what Michael has to say. Johnny is amazing and professional. They were both so excellent to work with. I can testify that the house and cabins were amazing to stay at!

  2. It’s too cold almost everywhere for us now after being in CR for a while. LOL Yep, love these testimonial videos about medical services. I can vouch for Johnny, too. He’s a true healthcare ambassador.

  3. Thanks for the video! Snowing here, wishing i was there. Im also looking for major dental work when i get there. Interesting!

  4. Costa Ricans are literally of the most amazing, kind, and smart people I ever met. They do for us web-based software development it is as good or even better than in the US.

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