The World's Tallest Modular Hotel

The World's Tallest Modular Hotel

The World’s Tallest Modular Hotel

Marriott’s latest hotel in New York will be constructed with modules prefabricated in Poland. For more by The B1M subscribe now – http://ow.ly/GxW7y

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Additional footage and images courtesy of Hickory Group, Golden Age, Time and Place, Danny Forster + Architecture, Google Maps and DMDModular. Narrated by Fred Mills.

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Quick Summary

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Does Boxabl set up the house?
Boxabl only sells room modules. We will connect you with a Boxabl certified and state licensed installer in your area.

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  1. Man, why didn’t I learn abt this earlier. Also if this is better and safer than normal construction then this would be great. 👍👍👍

    If this could be applied here in the Philippines there’d be too much inventory of condos. 😂 Still glad the Westin Manila Residences is being built traditionally. 😉

  2. I did a 22-floor prefab modular building in Colindale London. Welcome to exchange the technology and experience

  3. sir, you are doing a great job of sharing this knowledge, can we get some more videos on precast technology with its costing compare to cast in situ.

  4. The Marriott have now adopted this approach across over in Europe also, with a new Marriott and Moxy hotel being built using modula pods system/ MMC in cities for example, like Glasgow.

  5. No wonder the skillset of builders is dropping when your buying modular pre fab in poland and shipping them accross the pond how sre people supposed to learn if your building ,or should i say putting togeter already built modules its just lego at the end of the day ,the workforce and skilled construction workers are not needed ,then you go on and say theres no workforce maddness but i am not booking into modular marriot anytime soon

  6. Your channel is amazing and so inspiring as an architect I really appreciate such a very well presented, informative yet entertaining to watch content thank you very much and keep it up>

  7. Really wish that "insulated gap" between rooms existed during my college dorm days, would’ve been real helpful…

  8. USA: we can’t build stuff fast enough because there’s a lack of skilled labor.
    Also USA: We’re gonna make it impossibly hard and hostile for skilled labor to come here.

  9. "Severe shortage" my ass. That’s just an excuse the companies use to justify hiring cheap foreign labor. Or cheap foreign modules, in this case.

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