Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica – Part 1

Things NOT To Do in Costa Rica – Part 1

Exotic Costa Rica is known for its lush jungles, cool creatures and some of the finest beaches in the world. However beware of these 20 things NOT to do in Costa Rica.

1. Don’t Feed the Monkeys
The adorable monkeys are a big hit with tourists, but feeding them diminishes their self-reliant survival instincts. They get lazy and don’t get the exercise they need can become rather aggressive… Oh yeh and it’s also against the law!

2. Don’t Let Your Snake Guard Down
There are 22 venomous species of snake slithering around the country! In fact, it is estimated that there are two deadly snakes per hectare there!

3. Don’t Forget to Shake Out Your Shoes
We’re really not trying to scare you away, just be aware that the world’s most toxic spider makes its home here and might be lurking, say… in your shoe! The Brazilian wandering spider is particularly prevalent in Corcovado National Park, and is a nightmare for arachnophobics.

4. Don’t Stay at an International Chain Resort
Costa Rica is full of family-run B&Bs, sustainable eco-lodges and intimate guesthouses that often have more character and charm than the familiar chains do, and will give you a more authentic experience on your vacation.

5. Don’t Expect Great Coffee!
Yes, Costa Rica grows some of the richest, boldest, most coveted coffee beans in the world. (reverb) However, most of the crop is for export, so the local cups of joe aren’t necessarily homegrown!

Find out more things NOT to do in Costa Rica, in part 2!

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  1. I was asking why he said do not drink the coffe until I saw in the credits he added Starbucks… To be honest I miss Costa Rica coffee and you can find really good quality coffee!!!

  2. Never talk about politics, football (soccer whatever), or religion in costa rica, and if you see two guys in a motorcycle just run, they are probably mugers.

  3. Most of the coffee in Costa Rica is really good, you can buy premium ones in the supermarkets, which for us not worthy considering the high quality of the regular one, and you can always go to the producers lands , they have coffee shops and you can get some of the most unique high quality coffee for less than 10$ a bag.
    Regarding the spiders, I never heard of a killer spider in my life.
    The snake guard is important, in certain areas like the jungle and you shouldn’t be going there without a guide =p

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  5. My dear British friend, thanks for vlogging about my country, I really appreciate that. People can get a premium coffee box at the market, but it is very expensive. In auction, Costa Rican Coffee has sold at ¢300 per pound.

  6. You want people to subscribe telling them "don’t expect great coffee in Costa Rica? What a piece of ….. channel is this? Please do not pay attention to this channel

  7. But this things only aply if you are coming to the jungles hahahaha, in the metropolitan area we have no monkeys, no snakes and the only spiders you will find are the size of a nut, so don’t believe those stereotipes

  8. Short informative video of Costa Rica.
    A few days ago, our 4K video is from Costa Rica
    (hhttps: //youtu.be/zCqNkMumDrI) has been uploaded and everyone who loves nature and animals will be amazed at what we have seen as private travelers and everything translated into a fascinating video! Have fun

  9. You can drink a good coffee in Costa Rica if you know to choose a good brand of coffee, first the label must say «Café 100% puro», because not always coffee is 100% pure, sometimes has «brosa», don’t buy Café Rey, that’s trash, drinks brands like Montaña, 1820, Volio, Leyenda and artesanal coffees are goods.

  10. Regular Costa Rica coffe is delicious.. maybe you tried a really cheap one or it was prepared on a big percolator.. the preparation has a lot to do with the taste.

  11. Actually, you can buy excellent coffee beans in CR. Monteverde especially has great coffee. Every time I go to CR my parents make me buy and bring back 5-7 packs of coffee beans from local plantations. (Yes, I’m Swedish and yes, we drink as much coffee as you’ve heard.)

  12. even the coffee that is exported if you travel to one of the producer famous towns you will get really good coffee plus you will know beautiful rural towns in the middle of the mountains.

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