THIS is Van Life in Costa Rica PARADISE!

THIS is Van Life in Costa Rica PARADISE!

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It’s been an exciting ride living in a van in Central America but Costa Rica has really proved to be paradise!!! ~CLICK SHOW MORE~

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THIS is Van Life in Costa Rica Paradise!
#vanlife #Costarica #Paradise


  1. Aw beautiful love allies enthusiasm at whatever she does she’s always happy always smiling, aw love that night time wind down time before sleep that dinner Trent cooked looked delicious, so glad you had a super day see you soon xx

  2. Allie is such a badass chick. She has crushed her fears. Such an awesome chick to look up too!!!! Great job Allie.

  3. I am travelling in my van with my 13 year old dog, and feel guilty if I leave her for more than an hour in the van, (reasonable temps of course). What do you guys do for Frank if you gave to leave him for more than an hour or so?

  4. “Chocolate Milk River of Death“… Way to go Trent!!!!… Love your phrasing… Allie… You’re a real trooper!!!!… Continue to have lots of fun!!! ❤️

  5. Love Costa Rica. Spent a week there this summer, visiting my son, who was interning at a wildlife refuge.

  6. Hey Allie I have a question to ask you when you edit your videos what’s the music that you play I love music like that I can’t find it on YouTube LOL


  8. I really enjoyed watching this video of my second home, the country of my heart. My family moved here in February 2014. Within our first six months my 14 year old son was bitten by a fer de lance or terciopelo as we call them. Fortunately it was a dry bite but it still hurt bad. Come back next time and I will show you the Tico Costa Rica.

  9. When you guys said tequila it reminded me of "whiskey" and I couldn’t help but smile. ☺ Such adorable kids.

  10. Yay for Costa Rica for protecting its natural environment and wildlife!… A good role model for the US and the World… with the new government of Brazil things are moving in the opposite direction… The Amazon… The “lungs” of the world is been deforested…
    This 🌎 Planet is our home..

  11. Oh, man, I wish I’d known you guys were in Costa Rica. I don’t follow you consistently but… I live in CR! Glad you had a great experience here, and hope you come back!

  12. If Allie tried to scare you when you fly like you try to scare her when you do things she’s not comfortable with you would not be a happy camper. Shame on you.

  13. Hi Allie an Trent. Playing with primitive behavior. Reminds me we all evolved from them. an orange gecko that would cool.

  14. I’m sooo happy you loved our country! Manuel Antonio is just stunning! Kudoz to Allie on those wonderful rafting skills. Hope you come back soon. Great video.

  15. Love the editing and so proud of Allie.
    Please marry her before you scare the her to death.
    Just kidding!!!
    Can we all come to your wedding 😂😂🥰😘🐶🐕🐕

  16. I’m with Allie on the white water rafting! That’s scary! I’ve done it once in CO and never again!! 😂

  17. 6:03 very soon that beautiful mountain will be full of hotels same as many other places here please help us to protect it and I don’t mean stop visiting 😥 love from Costa Rica hope u had a nice time Pura Vida

  18. Allie You bueno para los deportes. If I got that wrong " You are good at sports ". let me know if me be wrong. Say Hi to Kalee ( let know if right, also ) and Jordan. Sorry been awhile you have Frank they have Lola. And Say Buongiorno to LeAw. Love you all. Godspeed

  19. I have been on a 4-day binge-watch of your vids. I wish they were all in order but oh well. Love you guys. Oh, and as a late 50s guy I can say you have a hot wife. My ex is also hot, except it now it comes in flashes.

  20. "Cookies for days" lol. 12 hours later … we need to pick up some cookies … Blame it on Frank … he did it… he ate them all!

  21. I just started watching your Mexico, Central America and South America adventures and I’m really enjoying them. What a lot of great and special memories.

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