Tom Reviews Dental Work in Cost Rica | Medical Tourism Corporation Ratings

Tom Reviews Dental Work in Cost Rica | Medical Tourism Corporation Ratings

Tom came all the way from Florida to Costa Rica for his dental work. This is his fourth visit here and he received dental implants and bridge treatment in Costa Rica.

He is extremely satisfied with his dental treatment and says he has been taken care of well by the staff and the clinic members.

He says back in the United States, he had to visit several dentists’ clinics for the treatment but, here in Costa Rica, everything is done under one roof and he need not run from place to another.

Tom has been a former airline pilot and travelled world over. He finds Costa Rica very beautiful and clean and explains that coming down here from the US was convenient and easy.

Tom says he has already recommended the dental clinic to his friends and even given out brochures of the same in the past. He adds he will continue to recommend us in the future as well.

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