Top 10 DON’TS You NEED To Know In Costa Rica!

Top 10 DON’TS You NEED To Know In Costa Rica!

Hello this if for everyone interested in Costa Rica travel, with all the things you SHOULDN’T do in Costa Rica. Good info whether you are interested in Costa Rica real estate, or just a Costa Rica vacation. It’s good to know what is normal and what is expected when you come here. I also through in a few tips that are based from personal experiences.

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Top 9 Costa Rica Travel Tips – Know Before You Go!

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Our latest 9 Top Costa Rica Travel tips come directly from the experts themselves (and our COO – can you spot him?) at the Costa Rican Vacations office party!These are some key travel tips for Costa Rica to make the most out of your Costa Rica experience.
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  1. Yelling and screaming is just a turn off. And so animated like a promotional videos. And he is a Brit. Una mas cervesa porfavor is all I need to know2.

  2. So I’m going down there with my family and I was wondering if the snorkeling was good. I was also wondering what to take precautions on, like where it was safe and not safe to go.

  3. I’m taking my 12 year old son to Manual Antonio for 10 days. Didn’t plan on renting a vehicle (should I?) Staying at an AirBNB in the rain forest. What are some great things we can do (father son trip)?

  4. If i want to go off the beaten path where should I go? Where can I find info? How can I find the best way to go to watch animals without going on a tour?

  5. Question. In about 2 months, ill be going to Costa Rica with people from my high school (I’m with Explorica), what kind of food options do I have in the hotel and in restaurants?

  6. FOR SALE ON COSTA RICA: 1410 square meters terrain, access to all public services, it has several trees and it is limited by a small river with a seasonal waterfall, ubicated on Guanacaste, Nosarita, in front of a pavement road. Just at 10 minutes on car from the beautiful Nosara Beach, 25 minutes from Nicoya and a hour and half from the nearest internacional airport.

  7. My son told me today we are going there. He said it’s going to happen and I have no choice in the matter. I got on YouTube search engine and here I am.

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