Top 10 Places To Eat In Costa Rica 2022 (Guanacaste Sodas, Restaurants, and Resorts)

Top 10 Places To Eat In Costa Rica 2022 (Guanacaste Sodas, Restaurants, and Resorts)

In this video I’m taking you guys to some of the most tastiest places to eat around
Guanacaste, Costa Rica!
Food in Costa Rica is by far some of the best quisine in the world, so after living in
paradise for a few years I got well accustomed to all of the delicious food it has to offer.
From the well loved by all casados, to the gallo pinto, and even pizza on the rooftops of Tamarindo. . .Costa Rica has something for all walks of life. So if you want to know what
the food is like in Costa Rica then this is the video for you! 5 star restaurants as well as the
mom and pop sodas that have made Costa Rica famous this is reason enough to make it a
point to visit some of the beautiful places on the list. Pura Vida!
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  1. Nicely done. I have 11 weeks left before I get to try those out. I am hoping Cafe de Sol still has that cheesecake! And I can’t wait to hang out at Las Brisas again. I sure hope you get to go back to CR. Yo quiero comprarte una cerveza. Te gusta Imperial o Pilsen?

  2. Now this is video the video that shows the people Costa Rica is the place to be. Nicely done brudda.. I hungry now too..

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