TOP 10 Reasons Why We Chose Costa Rica (Over Mexico, Bali, Portugal)

TOP 10 Reasons Why We Chose Costa Rica (Over Mexico, Bali, Portugal)

It’s 2022 and if you’re like us and didn’t feel at home in your country, this video is for you. There are many things to think about before moving somewhere new and we go through many aspects that led to us choosing Costa Rica as our desired home country to start our homestead. #movingtocostarica

We wish that you find your place in this world too, wherever that may be and are here with you on this journey ?

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Real VAN LIFE ?| Simple Living in COSTA RICA

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Today we bring you along for a simple, real van life day in our life. We’re living in Costa Rica in our tiny home and loving it! It doesn’t take much to make our days awesome here while living in our van on the beach in Costa Rica.
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Map of Central America Travels: http://bit.ly/2wxiazP
Map of Mexico Travels: http://bit.ly/2Z0c3kv

About The Matneys:
We’re Christian and Aubry, a couple traveling North and South America in our converted Sprinter Van. On The Matneys, we love chatting about the reality of living in a van, what van life allows us to do, and how traveling to new places with new cultures can really open your eyes to so much about the world, our own country, and ourselves. Our little home is simple, but it takes us to the most magical paradises in the world.

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  1. How long are you guys going to be in Costa Rica? I love your channel and just so happen to be visiting Costa Rica in about two weeks!!!

  2. hello guys ,when you can have to change the pan is in poor condition and they releasing toxic particles that are eating.goodbye and keep enjoying

  3. I know smellavision isn’t available yet but I had to breathe in deep when you brought the the bag of coffee beans to the camera for us to smell. ? I’m so jealous! Lol!

  4. You guys r fun. We should all meet up have a vegan lunch and go walk the trails out in the desert. Far out over the distant Hilltop we will take peyote together in a circle around a campfire then use high-powered shotguns to blow up propane canisters. I think that it would make for a beautiful time well spent and a great collaboration between are wonderful and inspiring channels. When we do it we should live stream the event they’re both of our channels and you should also pay for it because I’m broke

  5. I always say the same stuff in my comments to you. So here we go again, you guys are the best. Love all your vlogs. Thank you

  6. You two are too funny / adorable smell the coffee ?? riiiiightttt ( Tea drinker here ) GRIN Love where you are /beautiful beach Nice back yard Great video guys Keep enjoying out there Love traveling along with ya and sharing your experiences Thanks so much for sharing

  7. Playa Jaco, I don’t think so, more like Playa Hermosa. If you do stay at Jaco, go to Playa Clarita for free parking on/nearly on the beach. Welcome to Costa Rica. Pura Vida……..

  8. You two are so blessed. I know people who cant afford to leave the state they were born in. You two are so young to be experiencing all you are. Please be humble and be sure to thank God for your privilege. Peace and love. Safe travels

  9. Great to see you living the life and no need to say anything about a cheesy plug on saving money to do what you do. You worked for it and have some great insights !

  10. Cool guys Teaching folks how to save money is a good idea. So many need 2 do it and many don’t Great way to give value to others

  11. Wohooo. I’m from Costa Rica. Love my homeland. Manuel Antonio is awesome and so is gallo pinto! That gallo pinto looked great! We live in Michigan and we bring salsa Lizano from CR to make pinto all the time. Have fun! I’ve heard there’s a sloth sanctuary in Limón.

  12. I love Playa Herradura… I spent most of my school years vacations there ….
    enjoy your time in Costa Rica guys … PURA VIDA ??

  13. Hi…when younger, the family would go to the beach for the day & like christin, I would spent ALL DAY hopping & diving the waves!!! loved it…combing the beach in a land so fabulous…CARPI DIEM & priceless
    blessings for many, many spectacular days & be safe…PAX

  14. That looked amazing! We always grate the garlic on a cheese grater. Faster than mincing and just a delicious.

    Enjoying watching y’all live it up now n Costa Rica!

  15. Salt water or just the wind mix with salt (and the amount of humidity) will ruin your camera lens so protect your cam when you’re not shooting 🙂

  16. Hey guys, my husband & I are skoolies now so I’m selling my 2017 Dodge ProMaster 2500, 500 Watts of solar, all the extras..only 9800 miles. Anyone who wants to Live the Van Life should message me!

  17. Playa Herradurra, I know exactly where you are in this video. I have been there dozens of times, on the corner where you turned onto the beach, a friend owns the bar/restaurant. The lady that owns it has a condo behind the bar, I have stayed there many times. The scarlet macaws would wake me up most mornings. CR is an awesome place, been going there for over 15 years.

  18. It’s absolutely beautiful there! I’m imagining how it will feel to eat dinner at the edge of the beach!
    How did Christians recipe turn out? It looked amazing!
    Until next time…

  19. What part of Costa Rica are you, Pacificó or Caribe? How many miles you travel to get there? are you getting a souvenir from the different places to decorate the van ? stickers, blankets, pillows, flowers, maps, anything not to heavy.

  20. Great interaction! I always love the chemistry. Could you please post the recipe in the more info section and show the secret ingredient a little longer?

  21. I love you guys, so quirky, fun and real! BTW, Christian – if you want a faster way to peel a garlic clove, without smashing it flat as most people do, you could do what I do: slice off the very thin, hard bottom of the individual clove, then hold both ends firmly between your forefingers/thumb – and TWIST in opposite directions gently (but firmly), back and forth, so the paper just snaps and pulls away… leaving you with a cleanly peeled clove! Or, I’ve seen people start out the same by slicing off the bottoms, throwing the cloves in a jar/plastic container and shaking, to make the paper come of as well.

  22. Are you allowed to bring their coffee beans across the boarders of Mexico and the U.S.?
    I know the U.S. has strict rules. but dang… it’s super cheap to buy it there .

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