Here’s ten reasons why Costa Rica is one of our favorite spots. ¡Pura vida!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Costa Rica! It’s perfect, the surf is just wow… Since I saw Ben brown there on the contiki trip it looked amazing! I also love white water rafting:) awesome video thanks!

  2. Visiting CR next month for business.  I have 2 days to enjoy this country.  What do you recommend?  I finish work Friday early evening and fly back on Monday morning. Thank you!!!

  3. We are a 4th year group from a Brazilian school and we like that Costa rica is on the first place in a planet list that we have seen, because they can take care of the nature. We also like drafting and surfing. The animals are beautiful. The volcanos are also very interesting, and we would like to try the food. We think that wellness is very important to a country. We loved the video. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Reggae music?! Are you kidding me?! You could have mentioned any type of music and you chose one that is not even that prominent? As a Costa Rican, I feel indignated. So for anyone that’s reading this, reggae music is not a huge thing here. We listen to different types of music and if you want to listen to real Costa Rican music, you should try "folclor".

  5. I love Costa Rica. Why? I feel so alive here with all the nature, pure energy, and healthy food. People are warm and friendly. I think you have a great list, I would add Santa Teresa, Monteverde, and the awesome beaches in Guanacaste, like Negra, Langosta, Flamingo and Avellanas. 🙂

  6. All these videos are inspiring me and giving me ideas of sooo many places I wanna travel to that I never thought of before!

  7. Come with us to Costa Rica as we break down the top 10 activities in the land of "Pura Vida"! 

    What are your thoughts? Did you enjoy the video? Ever been to Costa Rica? Let us know and share the video with your friends! 

    Pura Vida!!

  8. I’m planning on doing a g-adventure to Costa Rica! I didn’t know there were many incredible things to do there!

  9. thanks for the great video – we are heading over to Costa Rica at the end of January 2019 and are so excited 😃✈🌴 Chris & Marianne

  10. I’m from San José, Costa Rica, and belive me that just a few Costa Ricans enjoy the country as tourists. Now that I’m working I’m gonna start traveling my own country, because I find nonsense to live in one of the best countries to go to and not enjoy it. This video was great. Pura vida maes!

  11. Check out the cloud forest in Monteverde! It’s a completely separate world from the rest of Costa Rica. The clouds hang low in the mountains and creates an incredible ambiance. There is also so much wildlife in the cloud forest and plenty or reserves and night tours to help you see it!

  12. Hey guys love your videos as always, this one in particular because I’ve wanted to visit Costa Rica for ages and I loved the List formation 🙂

  13. Nicaragua is way better, it’s still very cheap and relatively undeveloped with all the same beauty. They say it’s how Costa Rica used to be 25 years ago. I’m gonna be there in two weeks!!

  14. #11  Gringo pricing.  #12 The Del Ray Hotel .  #13 A deep sea fishing trip that includes a prostitute…..  ya feel me……?  and my favorite #14 NOBODY but NOBODY picks up after their DOG!!!!!  Watch your step!!!!

  15. Sea kayaking!! when i went to Costa Rica sea kayaking was one of my favorite activities, along with bungee jumping (video on my channel)!!

  16. Hey guys, what do you reckon about renting surfboards vs bringing them? Dont want to be hauling a board around when traveling

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