Top 5 Comparison Costa Rica VS. Belize Real Estate Market

Top 5 Comparison Costa Rica VS. Belize Real Estate Market

Will Mitchell breaks down some of the key differences between Costa Rica and Belize from a real estate and relocation aspect. Everything from taxes, ownership rights, cost of living to the rental market is explained in this video. If you’re looking at places like Ambergris Caye, San Jose, Tamarindo, Caye Caulker, Limon, or San Igancio this is the best starting point.

Best Places to Live in Costa Rica 2020 – 1 of 5 Regions – The Southern Central Perez Zeledon Area

This video is Part 1 of a 5 part series on the Best Places to Live or Retire in Costa Rica.

Today, we’ll talk about and look at the Southern Central area of Costa Rica, commonly referred to as Perez Zeledon. The Perez Zeledon area is probably the most popular place outside of the area near San Jose for Gringos to retire.

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More about this video:

We’ll tell you why this area has become our favorite area and help you to see the pros and cons of living in Perez Zeledon.

Living in Costa Rica can be very affordable and because Perez Zeledon is NOT a very touristy area, the prices are usually the normal prices that Ticos pay. This makes living in the area, affordable and shopping is easy because you are so close to San Isidro which is the 2nd largest and the fastest-growing city in Costa Rica.

The area has a lot of ex-pats in the remote areas…but you don’t see them all over, which makes you feel like you are NOT in a tourist area but enjoying authentic Costa Rica.

But…there are a lot of ex-pat communities that give you the ability to meet up and talk with other ex-pats if that is something you enjoy doing.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
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  1. Thanks for all informations..I ve seen few years ago and come sometime to see back. We count to leave in CR in fine years and so we prepar it..reading..chanels you tubes.. groups Facebook..and two trip in 2019 (1650 kms..carabean coast..Tortuguero..Volcano areas Arenal and Poas..Jaco Quespos Osa and Puerto jimenez) 2021( Grecia, Poas, Péninsule Nicoya..Jicaral Curu..Samara Tamarindo Miravalles and Tenorio..and finish again by Arenal..again 1650kms)..normally a third trip to discover Central pacifique..when you speak about climate..could you tell more about weather..about raining season in areas San Isidero Tinamaste..Dominical..we re looking à good place for us ..( climate..Green nature ..close with the local habitant and not like area Tamarindo..thanks and best regards. Marie-Noëlle and Robert

  2. Can you please be more specific about the temperatures? Are you talking about 70s in the mountains and 90s on the coast, or what?

  3. Wow I’m from san isidro and yes P.Z Is the best area of Costa Rica. But san isidro is not the 2nd city of the country is number 6 or 7th

  4. Thanks so much for your videos. They are super helpful. We are in the southeast U.S. and considering a transplant to Costa Rica and think the Perez Zeledon area could be a good fit. I really enjoy mountain biking, are there any options in the Perez Zeledon area? It seems most trails are near San Jose and Cartago…

  5. Your videos are great. I’ve been researching for a long time as we’re planning to move for 1 year (initially) to the Perez Zeledon area, and your videos are by far some of the most clear and useful pieces of information I’ve found 🙂 I do have a question (which probably you hear it all the time!): how’s the connectivity in the Rivas and Tinamaste area? Are there any good/reliable internet providers? Is cell phone signal reliable to use it for internet/meetings? Both me and my wife need Internet for our jobs, so we need nature as much as we need Internet! 😀 Thanks!

  6. Hey Folks….YEAH, our next video is ready for YOU. You are going to love the information you get from this video. One of our favorite places…. *Please comment and let us know what city of the 3 we talk about would you live in…if you chose this area of Costa Rica?*

  7. So often you mention that you’re mountain people and like the cooler temperatures – what do you mean by cool? What temperatures are you talking about?

  8. Just a historic comment. The name of Rivas also refers and honors the Nicaraguan city of the same name, where on April 11th, 1856 took place the most important battle of the Costa Rican National Campaign against the filibusters that took power in Nicaragua and were intending to invade the rest of Central America and establish a slavist state, based on the doctrine of Destino Manifiesto. The battle was won by the Costa Rican army and the national hero, Juan Santamaría died in that battle, helping ignite a building (the Mesón) which the Fiibusters were using as a stronghold. For a country that didn’t have a war of independence, that war is always celebrated as a huge triumph against autocracy, while it also sparked a Cholera epidemic that killed 10% of our population at that moment.

  9. Good job. Refreshing to see videos not just about the beaches and night life for young people. Good info in this video. Thank you.

  10. I would definitely choose Rivas to live in. San Isidro is too hot, noisy, and busy. I lived in San Isidro when I was a child back in the 70s but it has grown tremendously. I really don’t know much about Tinamaste but I’ve driven through it many times going to Dominical.

  11. Hi! are you familiar with anyone who lives around the mountain area who lives off grid.. has his own homestead, a land which he grows his own garden, has solar power and clean water source..? we are interested in this way of living in Costa Rica..Thanks!

  12. Im coming from suburbs of Portland oregon. So i def want to live in nature. Less city. But with a kid I need toddler schools. 🤔

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  14. If one was interested in moving a family down the the perez zeledon area, what would be the best area to start a small organic food forest? basically land or farm land to use as an income source and well as being a self sustaining food source?

  15. If you have any information on international schools for younger kids, it would be helpful!! There’s such little info from people who live there

  16. It doesn’t seem that ticos are racial but do you think it will be safe for a black person to live in Perez zeledon?

  17. Please tell us about the medical facilities in San Isidro! We are elderly and love nature but are afraid to live too far from good English speaking doctors and hospital!

  18. I am a U.S. citizen who resides in Florida but I am Costa Rican by birth. My parents moved back to Costa Rica in 2009 and they rented a house in General Viejo which is a small community about 10 minutes from San Isidro. I would visit annually and the Perez Zeledon area became like my second home. It is also my favorite area in Costa Rica. Unfortunately my father passed away in 2017 and my mother is now living with one of my aunts in a suburb of San Jose. I really miss Perez Zeledon with its laid back relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery.

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