Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips

Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips

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For FrogTV Adam Baker brings you his essential Top 7 Costa Rica Travel Tips for 2021!
It is the perfect way to plan your Costa Rican Vacation for 2021 to this tropical paradise.

Check it out for the best travel tips – Here is our List:

00:25 1. Visit a Rainforest or Cloud Forest Reserve
01:28 2. Visit the Arenal Volcano
02:18 3. Do an Adventure Tour
02:54 4. Visit a Costa Rica Beach in Guanacaste
03:52 5. Try Local Costa Rica Coffee
04:24 6. Eat Like a Local
05:25 7. Discover the Wildlife

Presented & Directed by Adam Baker
Edited by Pablo Franceschi
Shot by Brayan Mendez


  1. Spent 6 weeks in CR in 1976 lots of fun….must try the Expresso coffee….delivered as a small amount of syrup with hot water side. Mix those two and a jolt hits you….do it…..
    Coffee beans Cha Cha Cha
    Coffee beans Cha Cha Cha
    Coffee bea……………………..

  2. I have a question. I read that 50,000 in international health insurance is required due to COVID now. As I have autoimmune issues I plan to get vaccinated prior to travel. Do you expect that I will still have to purchase medical insurance? Thanks

  3. Hello I am looking to come to Costa Rica for dental tourism -do you know of good dentists at reasonable price for bridge, implants etc

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