These are our top five suggestions for things to do in Costa Rica. In our two weeks in the country, we explored four cities and did many exciting excursions along the way. We visited San Jose, Arenal, Monteverde, and Tamarindo and loved every part of the journey. Here are our top five things to do in Costa Rica:

#5 Tamarindo Sunset Catamaran
Our day on a catamaran was one of the most scenic adventures we took while visiting Costa Rica. We drove to a nearby bay, Playa Flamingo, and set out for our four hour catamaran ride on the Pacific Ocean. After we cruised to a different bay, we jumped into the water and snorkeled, where we saw colorful fish and a few other sea creatures. We had so much fun on the boats and we were given drinks, fruit, and a full dinner on our trip back to the beach.

The sunset was absolutely breathtaking as we sailed back to Playa Flamingo and it made for a great photo opportunity. The crew that sailed with us was fantastic and we would were so glad we could spend time on this catamaran for the last full day in Tamarindo on Costa Rica’s west coast.
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#4 Monteverde Zipline
This was a fun experience being able to see the cloud forest up close, which we learned was such a unique experience, since the cloud forest is completely different than the rain forest. The most exciting part of the day was ziplining through the cloud forest during a thunderstorm. We went across 13 different ziplines on our journey with amazing scenery. As soon as we started, it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning surrounding us. It was a little scary because of the lightning and the metal we were carrying, but it added a thrill to our trip.
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#3 Arenal Hanging Bridges
We had an amazing time at Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park where we crossed through the rainforest. The beautiful scenery and animals took our breath away. We saw poison dart frogs, venomous snakes, bats, and birds along with a view of the mountains and trees. This park is so much fun and could spend multiple days here.
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#2 Tamarindo Boat Safari
We had an amazing day tracking down crocodiles and howler monkeys during the afternoon’s boat safari. Nature doesn’t always work out in your favor, but we found six crocodiles and at least ten howler monkeys in their natural habitat during our jungle cruise. It was also slightly scary because they live so close to the popular Tamarindo Beach where we wanted to swim.

After our boat safari, we spent some time relaxing on the beach and enjoying a night in the city of Tamarindo before going back to our hotel for the night. This was such a fun experience that we wouldn’t have been able to try near our home and we’re extremely grateful for the wonders of the Costa Rican wildlife.
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#1 Hiking Arenal Volcano
Hiking the Arenal Volcano is one of the coolest things we’ve done. This was the first chance both of us had to see an active volcano up close. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hike all the way to the top because it is illegal and dangerous, since the volcano could erupt at any time.

Our day was full of adventure starting in San Jose and ending at the Tilajari Hotel near La Fortuna. Our day started with a 3 hour shuttle across the country where we made a quick stop to drop our bags and then drove to the Arenal Volcano for the rest of the day. We saw snakes and birds on our way to the viewing point. There were a lot of clouds at the top of the volcano, so we weren’t able to see the very top, but it was a beautiful view nonetheless.
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  1. Hi guys! You are so 👍🏻 nice. Thanks a lot for your recommendations to our country . Costa Rica is a beautiful and safe country . We have not had so many problem with the pandemic of COVID . Our health authorities are doing a good job and our population, too. In your next trip to 🇨🇷 Costa Rica, you could visit the Caribbean coast for example , or the south coast! Theses places are really amazing and volcanoes areas like Irazù or Poas. In these, volcanoes you can go to the top, they are different from arenal volcano! You can go to the river and do rapids with different kind of levels from beginners to professionals! You have to visit many places ! Welcome to Costa Rica when you decide to come back , again! Pura vida Maes! Buena vibra tienen ustedes !

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