Hello and welcome back to travel with us for life. This week we take you with us to La Fortuna Costa Rica.

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La fortuna area and the Arenal volcano are probably one of the coolest parts of Costa Rica.
About 3 hours north of San Jose you’ll find the small town of La Fortuna.
If you’re a nature lover and enjoy hiking, this is a must visit.
The landscape is dominated by the looming figure of the arenal volcano in the distance. The volcano is ussually covered in clouds and mist almost but we got to see it in full view a couple of times, impressive.

So, what to do in La fortuna?

First go hiking. You can enter and hike the Arenal Volcano National park for $25 per person and there are many trails available. We did one that took approximately 4 hours and went through several hanging bridges crossing the jungle and a few waterfalls. The scenery was beautiful and the dense vegetation sheltered us from the sun most of the way.

And if you’re up for it you can end the day having dinner at the Chillout restaurant inside the Sky Adventure Arenal Park. The view from there is astonishing.

Next is enjoying the thermal waters. This area is famous for its thermal water streams and ponds produced by the nearby volcano and if you truly want to enjoy them, we recommend staying or visiting the Tabacon hotel.

The hotel in itself is very beautiful and we enjoyed our stay but the best part is that as a hotel guest you receive complimentary access to the thermal waters and spa resort. This was an incredible experience.

The thermal waters section consists of a number of small pools, I would say about 50 of them, all interconnected by flowing natural hot springs emanating from the volcano. The water temperature varies from 75 to 100 degrees depending on each pool and it was very easy to find ponds all to ourselves. We spent several hours relaxing on the hot waters and you can even visit at nights when all the dim lights combine with the mist to create an almost magical place.

One thing we didn’t like about the hotel was how expensive the food was at their restaurants so we opted to eat at one of the local restaurants were the food was not only amazing but also a fraction of the price.

Another really cool thing we found by accident. One of the days as we hiked the country side we came across some locals that told us about the local waterfalls at the Havana river. Maybe about an hour to an hour and a half hike from the town you can find this amazing place.

We spent a week in La Fortuna and had an amazing time. We highly recommend it.

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  1. Beautiful Vlog! Thank you for sharing. Wondering if you have any more details on how to get to the Rio Habana area in the last part of the video? I can’t seem to find it on Google Maps or TripAdvisor.

  2. I’ve been to Tabacon. An amazing and relaxing environment. Sat under the falls too.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. I seen many videos from different people and I cant figure out how everyone manages to be alone in this places at all times. Is it not crowd ever? or a lot of editing goes into this video’s?

  4. Me encanta viajar con ustedes. Este video está impregnado de alegría y amor por la naturaleza. Las piscinas naturales del hotel Tabacon son una delicia. Gracias por compartir sus experiencias y vivencias

  5. wow Tacacon is super expensive. pass, the hot springs there isn’t worth $80 either. Other than that though. You don’t have to overpay as a tourist, only if you choose.

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