It’s Tracking Time!! This is something very different to my channel, but I wanted to bring everyone along with me for our TTC journey! We are officially on Cycle 2 of trying to conceive and I wanted to make a quick video showing you how I use the Easy@Home ovulation kit to track my cycle! I hope this helps some of you who are tracking or thinking about tracking to better understand how it works!

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Easy@Home Ovulation Prediction Strips:

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  1. I’ve using clear blue at the moment very expensive & you only get 9 tests no smiley faces for me. I’m basically guessing 🤔 which I get very wrong. I’m going to be buying easy @home. Now it’s a
    Motivation to know when I’m ovulating.

  2. Started tracking my ovulation and using preseed after watching your videos and got a positive this month🥺❤️ thankyou!

  3. Hey! Your most fertile days are the two days BEFORE your ovulation. So in this case it would have been cycle day 14 and 15. You should be doing the deed the day of your peak and the day before (if possible) not the days after your peak! Good luck! 🥰

  4. I feel dumb asking this question but I want to start journaling my cycles, how do the pee strips not get the paper wet? lol. Are people taping the ends and then putting them on the paper? Or do the strips dry fairly quick?

  5. Thanks for being so transparent. Don’t apologize for anything! How you look, repeating yourself, the hair on the tape, the pee on the strip. None of it! You’re amazing. Never apologize for being amazing.

  6. So does it matter how long ago that you peed when you use them or anything? I know you wanna test 2 times a day. I tried to start, and I guess I started too late because all of mine were negative. So I pretty much just gave up. My period is due in about 7 days. I just got my nexplanon bar removed on the 4th, and I was on my monthly when they removed it. My last day of bleeding was the 8th. So I guess I am just waiting for my monthly visitor to see if my cycle is gonna be regular or rather that it would come back naturally.

  7. It’s interesting that you ovulate on day 15/16 with a 25 day period. I’m also 25-26 and found out I ovulate on day 13/14. Did you have any success after this cycle? Thanks for all the details of your tracking

  8. Im doing in home incemination….
    Once I get my peak how many hours later should I inseminate? I heard that frozen sperm only lasts 24 hours😔😔.
    This cycle I think I did it too soon. I thought I hit my peak but then 7 hours later after insemination it said I was still at my peak. So by the time my opk strips went back down to light it was already 20 hours from insemination.

  9. Great video! I am confused because many people say when you get your lh peak, you ovulate 12 to 24 hours after that peak.

  10. I literally have no control line until I hit my peak … I usually get a faint line morning of and then in the afternoon the line gets darker. And by the next day it’s back to a blank. Also my digital test only shows up positive that 1 day…. is this normal?

  11. hi so on the premom box it says to read the results before 5 min and not to read them after 5 minutes but I noticed that most of the strips had dried already can they still be valid?

  12. I’m starting to track my ovulation August 1 2021. My husband & I are trying to get pregnant & seeing ur video gives me hope. 🙏🏼 We been trying probably I want to say like around in the end of February 2021 & nothing yet. I pry to Jesus that he bless me like he blessed you with a little angel . 👼🏻 Right after I finished watching this video I went to check ur other videos & you did get pregnant congrats on ur bundle of joy god bless y’all. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. I would advise that you baby dance 3 consecutive days before your peak, on the peak day and after the peak day. Or every other day to be safe especially if you are not testing for lh surge.

  14. Please and want to have a baby boy this time because i have 2 lovely girls,if my peak is 14. So when is the right time to do the deed with your husband? Is it day 15 or same day of your peak which is day 14

  15. Thank you so much for sharing. We are about to begin preparations for trying for our #2. (Our first was an accident 😬🤣) … anyway you’ve helped me understand TTC terms such as what the cycle days mean and what a positive ovulation test looks like. ❤️

  16. I believe it’s 3 before not after because once you hit your peak it’s only the next day or two your ovulate once you ovulate. And sperm can last 5 days so even if a person was to ovulate 3 days later after they BD it’s still a good chance.

  17. I do not you usually post, but based on this video your luteal phase is way too short. Your luteal phase needs to be longer then 10 days to sustain a pregnancy. Example: if you have a 25 day cycle you should ovulate around day 10,11, or 12. Im not a doctor, but that could be an issue for fertility. Based on what I looked up a short luteal phase could mean your body is not producing enough progesterone. Just an observation, but see your doctor.

  18. If people think this is gross they don’t wanna get pregnant then. Us moms know how that goes pregnancy, labor, plus baby it’s not a clean process. 😂

  19. When you have your possitive you need to do baby dance till your ovulation is gone that way u do baby dance on peak day and on the next day too till ovulation pass

  20. That means if you ovulate on day 15 which is your peak day,on day 16 you will have sex with your husband which make it 24 hours ?

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