Travelling Alone (at 77) to Costa Rica for Implants and MUCH More – L❤VE Octavia

Travelling Alone (at 77) to Costa Rica for Implants and MUCH More – L❤VE Octavia

#Dentaltourism #Implants #RespectyourElders ‘Travelling Alone (at 77) to Costa Rica for Implants and MUCH More – Show Some L❤VE to Octavia’

Octavia is 77 years old. She hasn’t been on an airplane in 40 years. She has been watching our videos for awhile and ran into Johnny and I’s videos about medical and dental tourism in Costa Rica and a few of the testimonials as well from many of Johnny’s satisfied clients. She needs to fix her grill (specifically, Octavia needs implants). She tried in her state, Pennsylvania but it appeared to her that the doctor there was even trying to ‘gringo price’ her.. 😉 She reached out to Travel Costa Rica NOW, filled out the medical/dental form and was quickly hooked up to Johnny. That’s nice but was even more fun, was just chatting it up with Octavia and talking more than just ‘implants’. A few cigarettes and a couple beers was a BLAST. Had she done much traveling? Where else would she like to go? Does Octavia like to cook? Could her and michael alan really be planning a trip to Turkey? And why was she in Nigeria for 2 years? This and more in this video, ‘Travelling Alone (at 77) to Costa Rica for Implants and MUCH More – Show Some L❤VE to Octavia’.

Thinking about liposuction, breast augmentation, stem cell therapy, hip replacement, cosmetic surgery or anything dental? Want to contact Johnny and inquire about how he can help you? GO to our website TravelCostaRicaNOW.com scroll down a bit a fill out the quick form and I will shoot it over to Johnny ASAP.

Johnny is our medical and dental tourism GURU. It’s hard to navigate all the internet information about medical and dental tourism, as the options seem limitless. Can you pick a good doctor and facility in Costa Rica? Yes, you can do it yourself which may have a little luck involved but Johnny knows can cut through all the crap because he knows the good doctors, bad doctors, who has malpractice insurance and who doesn’t, who uses the latest equipment or who seems to being using outdated machines and where is that particular service or specialty cheaper? For example, CIMA is the hospital that many gringos know but there are a few other hospitals just as top-notch as CIMA and are probably at least a little cheaper. Johnny knows this. Do you need someone to hold your hand like Octiva did or just a little help? Want to combine your ‘medical tourism’ with a day of ziplining or a night at the hotsprings? Johnny can also make that happen. Johnny is a face, a name and someone you can talk to personally. He is also transparent in the prices and honest. There will be no surprises and he will be up front and honest as to your particular situation.

If you need to get your grill fixed ie. implants, braces, veneers, caps or anything to do with your mouth, Costa Rica might be a great option for you. Of course there’s other places to go but nothing better than being in a beautiful country while getting your grill worked on and being taken care of. And at about a third of the price. Now that’s a great deal. Oh, and quality work. I got my braces off last year and couldn’t be happier. Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in the world for Medical Tourism. Health Tourism in Costa Rica is cheaper (not always the cheapest), but with superb quality outcome, excellent patient care, top-notch doctors and nurses and the latest technology and equipment and not to mention one of the most beautiful locations to recover in, all make Costa Rica a popular destination. And the fact is, it is usually quite cheaper for most things than it is in the United States 50%-70% cheaper. Just being as cost effective as it it makes Costa Rica a top medical tourism destination. Just FYI- the most popular ‘tourism’ in Costa Rica is Dental Tourism- implants, cosmetic dentistry, caps, veneers, braces, teeth cleaning etc.

Travel Costa Rica NOW is a travel agency. GO to http://TravelCostaRicaNOW.com FILL OUT the 4-minute form and you’ll be that much closer to the vacation of a lifetime. Travel Costa Rica NOW is like you having best friends who live in Costa Rica, who know Costa Rica, totally hooking up your Costa Rica vacation.

Questions/Comments? Email us- info@travelcostaricanow.com

I hope you ENjoYed our talk with Octavia in this video, ‘Travelling Alone to Costa Rica for Implants and MUCH More – Show Some L❤VE to Octavia’ and hope to see you in Costa Rica very soon to get your grill fixed. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica NOW- Pura Vida


  1. Octavia what an amazing woman, Good on her and cant wait to see the follow up smile… Mike well done great little chat …😁😁😁 Keep up the good work..

  2. Michael, thanks for another great conversation. The things you told me about how Costa Rica treats older people, is one of the main reasons I want to retire there. Yep, I’m going to need most of my teeth replaced too.

  3. I’m hoping that you can help me moving mother’s stuff and my business equipment?
    We’re selling most of our stuff now in Vancouver Canadian west coast and we have a 40’ container trailer we’re hoping to put everything in except my service truck/Grumman van.

  4. I have to say, one of my favorite videos you have done. Hey, I am 72, I want to go to Turkey and Prague with you and Octavia!

  5. Hey Michael, I’ve been watching you for quite awhile and I think I’m ready to find out more details. I’m a licensed truck driver, have an Associate in Science, and a licensed realtor. What are some job opportunities in Costa Rica where I can just FORCE myself out of my comfort zone and move? Truth is, I’m not sure what I want to do with my life other than travel and network. But if I’m able to live abroad and gain experience and learn the language, while making good enough money. I see no point in waiting! Please respond whenever you’re able. Thank you.

  6. Pretty cool video. As others have mention in comments, she’s inspiring and amazing. Life is to be lived. "Don’t be afraid, just do it."

  7. Great video. Octavia is an inspiration. Just do it!!
    On a sidebar Johnny is fantastic. Helped me also above and beyond my expectations.
    Michael I watch you videos, they have really helped me. Yall are a resource for everything Costa Rica. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Pura Vida

  8. Very entertaining. Gotta love a smoking 77 year old wanting to get, let’s say permanent" new teeth. That’s an optimist. I think I’d go for dentures if I was 77. I’m 65 now and do go to Mexico for dental work. I live in Phoenix so a pretty short drive. Cheaper, but I really like the service so even if the cost was the same I’d still go to Mexico.

    Implants would scare me at 77. Implants are very serious things requiring bone healing which at 77 isn’t super great. Plus smoking diminishes healing. Add to that a pressure dental tourism has is to do a lot of work all at once and these things can go badly. I have no problem with the level of work done in some other countries. At the same level as the US or better (depends on each office).

  9. I love this video…just a regular conversation, smoking and having a beer……my wife and I are planning a vacation but more like the first steps of relocating to Costa Rica….Can’t wait to meet y’all

  10. Another great video guys is amazing as always I’m headed down with a couple of my friends and my daughter to get dental work done next week with Johnny. You guys are the best can’t wait to see you!

  11. Great video Michael.. I love the way Costa Rica treats older people. I took my aunt to Costa Rica when she was 92 y.o. She loved the fresh fruit and nature. She had the same yogurt, walnut, and fruit breakfast with black coffee every morning. She would drink coffee 5 times a day and loved an occasional beer or Margarita. She lived to be 1 month short of 100.

  12. Amazing and inspiring!
    Walking through fear
    Surrendering to the mystery
    Making plans ..🌺💞🌺
    PS I’m a gourmet cook, but I’m done being a foodie, I’m with you simple is best, but maybe I’ll cook you a meal one day haha 👩‍🍳

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