Travelling Costa Rica: Tips and Must Do's for a short 2 week Trip

Travelling Costa Rica: Tips and Must Do's for a short 2 week Trip

We travelled Costa Rica in the end of May 2017 for 2 weeks. This Video gives you insights about the way we travel, what we liked most about Costa Rica, and things you should take care of or avoid.

COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Rio Celeste & La Fortuna

Travel Well in Costa Rica with THIS awesome guide! In episode two, we visit the lush jungle of Rio Celeste and stunning La Fortuna. It’s an episode packed with spectacular scenery, fantastic food, awesome animals and plenty of travel information and inspiration! If you missed episode 1 be sure to watch that then come back here so you are all caught up.

Watch episode 1: https://youtu.be/eWoz8o_Y9o8
Watch episode 3: https://youtu.be/5OJnaYe962Y

The tour we were on:
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  1. Thank you for the video. Costa Rica is beautiful. I love the turquoise color. I love the volcanoes, the rainforest the hot springs and the tubing. I love the people. I love the stunning waterfall.

  2. Yes!! Rio Celeste is beautiful! We went earlier this summers and it was awesome. However wedding go tubing! Missed that opportunity!

  3. The Arenal volcano actually continuously erupted from 1968 to 2010. You could book hotels to watch the red lava flowing down the side of the mountain at night.

  4. Ola! I’m curious to Intrepid Travel. How’s that tour company and how’s the group and average age? The wildlife remembers me of my trip to Australia, it’s so lovely! That blue water is stunning Matt! "The hive of activity", nice pun at La Fortuna Phoebe. I like the music at 15:30, what’s the name of that song? That waterfall is so beautiful, I could only dream of swimming there. Have a good weekend! ✌️

  5. Your Spanish R is so passionate! You got it!🥰👌🏻 Keep practising and you will master Spanish as soon as you can imagine😌

  6. Indira is stunning,Phoebs mate,I’m picking you n Matt will land a National Geographic gig some day,you are both that good.

  7. I am surprise to see only very low rating of such a beautiful and informative video by you. Hope soon you will get more views .

  8. We total love this video. We were recently in La Fortuna and enjoyed our visit and could live in this little community. We’ve been several times and this was the first time we did not see the Volcano due to the rain and clouds. Pollo Foruneo was where we also had dinner and it was amazing. Best burger ever.

  9. Looks like such a great trip! We are going next week! Who did you use to book your guides? We were just going to pay the admission to the waterfall and hanging bridges and do self guided but you’ve kinda convinced me a guide is a better option.

  10. thanks for your films. we are planning to go in October as well. Is it better to join an intrepid tour than traveling by ourselves? Is it easy to get around by yourself without speaking the language? Also, what is the hotel you stayed like? Very basic or comfortable? Thanks.

  11. Amazing country , full of nature.. you are so enthusiastic and energetic girl.. explore and provide important information for viewers.. thanks again 👍👍❤️❤️

  12. Love your videos and all the recommended restaurants. Question – do you know what type of oil they commonly fry their foods in?

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