Van Life Costa Rica – Two different experiences?

Van Life Costa Rica – Two different experiences?

Van Life Costa Rica

Welcome back for more Van Life adventures in Costa Rica, as we continue to explore Guanacaste and the Rincón de la Vieja National Park area, which is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful gems. As we are coming to expect, the road is supposed to be sketchy for the van. Many reviews recommend 4 x 4, with the promise of one of the best adventures in all of Costa Rica, an adventure hike up a beautiful blue river to the Catarata La Leona Waterfall.

Thanks for sharing our journey!

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Rural Family Life in Costa Rica with Aaron

Rural Family Life in Costa Rica with Aaron from Turrialba.

In this episode of TRIAL Costa Rica we talk about family life in Costa Rica, and rural living in the countryside.
Originally from Minnesota, Aaron first came down to Costa Rica in 1991 as an exchange student during his sophomore year of college. He immediately fell in love with the country and its people and continued to look for reasons to return! He made Costa Rica his home 10 years later and is now married to his Tica wife, where they both live in the countryside near Turrialba, raising their two children in PARADISE!

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01:25 Intro and process from office to home!
02:00 What’s it like living in rural Costa Rica in Turrialba?
03:15 Why Turrialba compared to everywhere else?
04:25 What brought you to Costa Rica originally?
05:50 What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the last 30 years?
07:10 Where did you live before moving to Turrialba?
08:25 What where the biggest surprises about moving to the countryside?
09:15 How does Costa Rica compare to Minnesota!?
10:55 What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when moving to Costa Rica?
13:25 How does the quality of life differ in the countryside?
15:10 Costa of living comparison between Escazu and Turrialba.
16:25 What advice would you give someone looking to relocate to Costa Rica with kids?
17:30 What’s it been like raising you kids in Costa Rica?
19:00 How safe is it living by a Costa Rican volcano!?
20:00 Explain the famous Turrialba Cheese!
21:00 What is your most memorable Costa Rican story?
22:15 How popular are long term rentals now, and what are the costs?
25:00 What is ‘Pura Vida’ to you!?
26:15 What would one piece of advice be to yourself 20 years ago before moving to Costa Rica?

Presented by Adam Baker
Produced by Tempest Pictures


  1. We’re locating in the Boca Arenal area and have figured out that going to San Jose every 3 or 4 weeks to get our fix of the American items. Just a stock up trip.

  2. Just came across your channel….excelente presentación. I live in South Florida and have been looking for a place to retire within the next five to ten years however I want to start setting up the nest now. Number one on my list is a place where I can plant fruits and vegetables year round. Is Turrialba a good place for my hubby. Where do you suggest I start looking for properties?

  3. Fun interview. I would like to hear from someone that has less experience in CR. Someone that has been only 2 or 3 years into it.

  4. This is so great and so helpful. We visited last week and used so many of your videos. We visited in 2019 – and same way LOVED it and wanted to come back. Brought back 3/4 of our children. Such a great country….and some of these people have won my heart for life. I totally agree the countrysides are the MOST beautiful!!!!

  5. This is helpful. I am in the middle of a job offer in this Turriabla. I have so many questions in terms of lifestyle, womens healthcare (pregnancy), healthcare in general and just living there.

    Can I know more somehow about this place?

  6. I already watched few videos from this channel, the topic of crime is rarely mentioned, could you add this question as a permanent point in your interviews with each of the participants?

  7. Hola yo era de San José y me vine a una zona rural,no lo cambio por nada,saludes desde San Ramón de Alajuela costa Rica🇨🇷

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